Thursday, 22 September 2011

Japan Matsuri

Another photo heavy, personal post on Japan Matsuri, which took place last Sunday~

Look for the day~
lol, I looks pretty much the same on every photo xD I feel like curling my hair... it's been a really long time~
also replaced my usual red lipstick (Rimmel 058, Drop of Sherry) with Bourjois' Effect 3D lip gloss in no.08. It's really amazing~ colour like a lipstick with shine and moisture plus it's not too sticky. Can't say how long it stays thought cause once I go out I usually have little chances to look at myself xD 
and OMG my blusher showed up on the picture! it's a miracle! xD 

Deco Nails! finally xD
I've been too lazy to do anything for a very long time xD
They looked very cute, a bit too cute maybe. It was very hime-kei when I want something more sophisticated~ Just pink/cream seems to be the automatic choice with bows, pearls ans pink rhinestones xD 

And off to the event we go~
The area we first went in was quite small, just between two buildings, with a lot of people... way too many people! xD It was very crowded~

Here walking between the stalls. Super packed xD It was hard to see anything. There was all sort of different things; snacks, little kimonos, books, cute stationeries, jewellery, lots of japanese societies and much, much more, I can't even remember most of it by now xD We walked around for a while trying to actually push through and see anything~

There were origami cranes everywhere~ so pretty! I love folding cranes (the only origami I can do xD), but they aren't this pretty and colourful.
With Nana and Tiff, we were forever looking for japanese Yoyo balloons (photo later), cause we saw many kids with them~ turned out there was more stalls than we originally thought hidden behind a scene. After we finally got our hands on the balloons, we walked into the Museum situated on the right to see if any events are taking place inside. Didn't really find anything, but going out through a different entrance we ended up on the other side (facing the London Eye), where some Karaoke event was taking place.  

Our view~ It was up some stairs above the main passage, along Thames. There was more food stalls before, as can be seen on the left~

Forever on duh stairs~ xD 
After sitting/standing there for a while (and being whistled and shouted at by some security guy to get off and clear the passage) we took the stairs down to... meet the penguin! xD

hahaha~ and here he is xD the angle doesn't really present him well~
then we realized there is lots of japanese food stalls all around, so it's time to eat! 
(hope michelle doesnt mind me stealing photos of her fb o_o)

noming on my favourite - Karaage!
for those who don't know me personally, it's actually a rare sight to see me eating out xD I'm a very fussy eater and I HATE cold food (food that's originally made warm but is served cold), all the others got ready bento, but I found it totally disgusting since it wasn't warm anymore. But yes! my lucky day~ there was a stall with freshly made warm food! yay~ it was lovely ^__^

Candy Floss! OMG, didn't get any thought, cause there was something even more amazing next door~

Kakigori! / shaved ice with syrup
was quite full after the previous meal, so we shared a portion with Nana, chose strawberry syrup, it was quite good ^^ it was a very pleasant, new experience~ 

After we finished eating, just went on and sat down on the floor, cause hobo is the way in life~ xD
 I'm playing with my balloon like the child I am~ xD 
We sat for a bit talking (and Yik with Amy appeared out of nowhere o_o). Soon most people wanted to head home for various reasons, but I still had plenty of time left~ So after walking them to the station, me, Dayle and Nana went back to the first set of stalls to check out again the jewellery stall we spotted before (and bought something which I will show later in the post) 

awesome Manga wall, when we first went by it was just the drawings xD now they were all covered up with writing, but it's still pretty cool imo~

And for a final picture from Matsuri, my lovely daughter Nana with her cute yukata (finally tied the right way, she was walking like a dead man all day xD) and balloon~

Now onto some photos I took at home with my treasures from the event xD

my yoyo balloon! kyan~ xD it's on a string and has a bit of water on the bottom, so it bounces up and down like a yoyo, it takes a bit of practise to get it straight and bounce of your hand properly, I struggled for a while xD Also we had to fish it out from a kiddie pool, with a hook on thin paper, I didn't really get how to do this, so my paper broke o__o but I still got a balloon~ XD 

Now my Yubi purchases 
first a beautiful Kanzashi pin~ Nana said you actually use it to pin your hair but I'm not sure how (other than the pen bun trick xD and that looks a bit weird imo), but it was sooo pretty I just had to buy one xD 

same here~ just couldn't resist it.
I don't normally wear dangly earring, but the little crane just defeated me right away xD This is probably the most beautiful piece of jewellery I own *o* It also has Svarovski crystals I believe~ 

and on~
omg I can't wait for their online store to work, there is soooo much I want, the bracelets were gorgeous~

And some extra~ 
Essential Hair Mask~
Michelle brought it for me from Hong Kong! I wanted to get one for a while since Style Suzi and Xiaxue often recommend it~ the shipping cost on ebay was stopping me so far thought
but it's mine! the smell is aaaamazing~ I only used it once atm, so can't really say much, but it's very thick and moisturising ~ it does look very small compared to my Tresemme hair mask thought xD 

and just as a little extra... Penguin-san~ xD since I didn't have a photo of him last time ^_^

Hope you enjoyed! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

Going on a before uni, shopping trip this Sunday to Westfield, so there might be a post on that soon


  1. przecudna wsówka i kolczyk z origami *_* ^^!!!
    pingwineek <3

  2. zazdroszczę ! że też musiało mnie to ominąć:(