Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Nails stuff!

A few packages came in the last few days, with all the nail stuff I ordered off ebay ^__^ Still didnt use any, but thought I will share with you~

a wheel of 120 roses~ they are made of some soft rubber material, a bit smaller than I expected  (it's half the size of my rhinestone wheel) 

20 acrylic bows! probably my favourite~ cant wait to try them~ I hope they will hold on, since it's quite big

and 3 packs of nail sticker/decals~ quite pretty, plus they were only 6p each!! (and free shipping), I dont usually use stickers, but for this price, might as well~ xD   

and my rhinestone wheel~ it's pretty old, but fits with the rest xP still need to get different sizes of rhinestones and some pearls~  also should get some lace stickers soon

well I'm excited for future designs ^_^ will surely post when they are done <goes to search for inspiration

also, as I mention I went to the park with my parents on Saturday (the weather was superb~), and ended up burning my legs x__x I haven't been in the sun for ages so I didn't have any sunscreen. It was super red and painful for 2 days, but it's a nice tan colour now ^___^ the only problem... I was lying on my back, and the sun was on my left, so only 1/4th of my legs is tan >_< it's super white below and on the right side, and only left side is tan xD of dear~ I  need to even it out somehow xD xD 

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Random update~

I still haven't gotten around writing the circle lens post, so more of my random rumble~ xD a little life update ^__^
As you can see I made a new header and changed the background~! It's better but I still need to work on it before I'm happy xD 

Received my extensions!
I got only one set of 6 single pieces so it’s far from enough to be able to cover all my hair~ but it was from ebay and I wanted to test out the quality and see if the colour matches. And in fact it is a perfect match ^_^ they are very soft and nice, but quite thin. However I have a lot of hair so I have no idea how much I will need for a full head >_< I reached my overdraft so have to forget about it atm~

I was trying out what I can do with the extensions, and it works if I gather most of my hair in a bun and just leave some bits to cover the clips and curl it all together ^___^ <cough> excuse scary no make-up face xD  <cough>

Got those Nendoroid Petits last week~ I think I have about 25 atm, from all sorts of series~ I love them <3 they are affordable, yet so detailed and extremely cute ^_^

Found two CLAMP artbooks last week on ebay, for a super good price and just couldn’t resist~ 


Tsubasa Illustrations Album De Reproductions 1 

X Illustrated Collection 2 X Infinity

Sooo pretty~ just arrived this morning so didn’t even have time to go through them properly~

My nails atm~

Polka dot!! I saw so much of it around when I went to town recently~ and felt like doing a design~ it’s so simple yet cute, perfect for summer ^__^
Also the weather is finally good!! Going to have a picnic with my family tomorrow ^__^
I spend way too much time inside in front of my computer, so I asked my mum, since they are all home tomorrow and the weather is great, to all go to the park.  Maybe I will manage to get some tan xD

Aah~ and lastly I found my Mori gyaru inspiration – Yui Kanno, she is so cute~ love her style ^___^

Did a not so little collage with her photos xD (click for a bigger version~)
I'm cutting my fringe next week, in the same style as her ^__^ it’s quite popular among gyaru lately, and should be easier to manage that my current mess xD 

And that's the ramble for today~
<back to watching Lie to me>

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ramble, ramble. ramble, forever~ xD

Oh dear~ I'm really lacking the motivation to write a new post xD Same on Sunday~ just sat here, in front of my laptop all day and couldn't do anything productive xD I will do the circle lens post soon, but it needs quite a bit of work, as I want to get all the most important info to help you guys, so I will try to make it this or next week ^__^ 
And for today, ramble about the last few days~ xD

So I spent the Friday/Saturday will my awesome girls Racheal and Sarah <3 

haha~ our purikura together, from a while ago xD this time we didn’t go into London but into the midst of Essex (don’t even know where! o_o) and stayed over at Sarah’s~ so yes, girls times, discussing make up, hair, bitching about everything (got the girls hooked on gyaru_secrets xD), discussing future Japan plans, and all that sort of shizzle~ xD 
yeah fun times ^___^ can’t wait to see you gals again, hopefully soon <3 

and some awesome Cheki's taken by Sarah ages ago~ xD (I hope I will be forgive for shamelessly stealing them off your fb xD) 

me with (my dad) Sarah <3 

and with Racheal (my sister xD) 

And Monday was Maximum the Hormone gig!
If you wanna read my over 800 words long testimony of that, click read more xD 

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Packages! o_o

So yesterday, finally I heard the so desired knock on the door... it's the mail men!! <jumps up and down in joy> and he handed this stack on packages to me~

oh joy, oh joy~
what is it~
3 packages in varied sizes and a letter~ 

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Flower print obsession!

Be prepared, because here comes a massive post! And it’s all about floral print! Floral is the huge thing this season, and oh my how much I love it~ I tend to get supper obsessed with certain patterns xD last winter I’d buy everything with leopard print x_x and in the last 2 months I have bought waaaay too many items with floral pattern xD
So yes onto the post~ I dug out most of the floral printed items I got recently and here it is~ enjoy ^^

First my beloved shorts <3 I am a pear shape with damn short legs x___X so I believe the shorter the better - makes my legs look longer.
from New Look
also note they are quite loose at the bottom, so they don't give you any unnecessary fat rolls xD

and the perfect shoes~ also from New Look
and if you are a wedge lover like me, but have a hard time finding the right shoes; cause they are too heavy and uncomfortable - check out this type of heel/wedge in New Look (yes those are heels, but I have a pair of wedges made of the same kind of wood-imitation material), it is super light weight and comfy~  the only danger is twisting your ankle xD they are very high, I tripped waaay too many times xD 

and a photo~ to see how it looks on xP (this is not a finished cord thought~ I was just bored and took some photos to show xD) ignore my sexy trash cans pls ^o^

next pair of shorts~ very similar to the previous ones but on dark denim~ if I remember correctly they are from Republic, actually wore them a few times but can't find a photo showing them properly o_O I'm useless at taking outfit photos, doesn't help that I don't have a proper full size mirror ><

and onto dresses~ I was never really a dress type of person, but lately I much prefer them over jeans, absolutely love this one, the pattern is soooo pretty <3 from Republic

the shoes I am wearing; from Jane Norman (couldn't resist buying them, the wedge it pretty heavy thought >_<)

another dress, don't remember the shop name, but they have some random stuff, with no brands on o_O pretty regardless~ there is a leathery ribbon on top but I tucked it in for the photo xD it looked weird ~
 don't have a photo wearing it unfortunately, looks much better on than in photo ^__^

and onto some shirts~
for some reason the photo of just the shirt loads rotated to the side o_O can't change it >< so just the full outfit~ from Jane Norman

flowy shirts are so hard to photograph xD from Primark, they have some really nice flower print items lately~ but the prices aren't as small as they used to be~ 

and on~ eh... I'm a master of weird facial expressions xD

another shirt from Jane Norman, kimono style~

<cough> super weird face <removed>
really like this, but never wore it out yet xD the weather always gets bad when I decide to go out ><""

and onto my fav lately - Maxi dresses! I never thought I would be able to wear a Maxi with my short legs, but oh was I wrong! once I tried it on~ instant love xD
this one is from Primark

<3 looking so tall~ it's great for the hot weather, but when it's more of a windy day, I just throw on a denim jacket and it's perfect~ 
tip for pear shapes: empire waistline is the best!

next Maxi, from New Look, only wore it once, and can't find a decent photo wearing it xD 

and my beloved bag! actually not from this season~ bought it in Republic, November last year ^^ it is amazing! doesn't look very big, but can easily fit my textbooks ~ I wish I got a second one, cause it's getting worn out from all the weight I carry, and I don't have another bag so good~

and finally! the so popular in Japan usamimi reached UK!! omg I've been wanting one of those for ages! picked one up with a floral print in Primark (they also have other designs - not only flowers), for quite a decent price~ but in Camden they are everywhere, for 99p! I saw them last time, but for some reason didn't buy any~ if I get a chance I will get at least 5 xD usamimi is the ultimate, perfect hair accessory imo~

Also flower rings have been in for ages~ ...or maybe I just loved them for ages? I have quite a few flower rings in all sorts of colours, but couldn't be bothered to take photos xD I might do a ring/accessories post one day ^^

and an extra for you all~ my floral nails xD designed them to match the first shorts xD 

And that's it for today! hope I didn't bore you to death~ and it was actually interesting xD Currently I spend most of the time at home, so they isn't much to write about~ but I might do some circle lens reviews and website recommendations, as I get tons of questions on that xD

Also please comment and follow if you like ^__^ feedback is very welcome, as I am very new to this xD
Bye-nii~ \(^__^)/

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Hello! I have been considering making a new blog for a while, I had a few in the past but due to busy schedule always gave up after some time! But I will try my best to keep it alive! haha... easy to say now, when it's summer holidays and I'm bored xD once uni starts again it won't be so pretty <cough> Fighting~! xD

Oh my~ oh my~ what should I write? maybe some more about me.... haha xD
My name is Magda, or online - Freya ^_^ I am 19 (omg 20 very soon! o__O), and I have been living in UK for the past 4 years~  I am 170 cm an my favourite colours are pink and purple! (can u tell xP).

I have been interested in Japan for about 7 years now~ I do in fact understand a lot of japanese, but my grammar is so poor I have a hard time making a proper sentence xD
For a year or so, I've been into gyaru, and it is the main inspiration of my style~ but I am always slightly hesitant to describe myself as a gal, and many will probably say I'm not~ just cause I don't want to follow certain rules~ in my style I want be myself, the way I like it most, and how I feel the most comfortable ^__^ well it's up to you to decide xP
on other things~ I love drama's - japanese, korean and taiwanese, and I do spend an unhealthy amount of time watching those xD same with watching anime~ here it seems appropriate to mention;  I collect anime figures... and spend way too much on it xD
Spending seems to be a major problem of mine... my student loan tends to disappear within a very short period of time xD

Also I am obsessed with taking photo's and such, so expect here tons of those~ make-up looks, shopping hauls, figure reviews, just my times out with friends, and. more~ hope u enjoy ^__^

Damn I'm doing the usual thing again <talk, talk, talk> it never ends...  you will surely get to know a lot more about me in future posts xP  I will try to make a proper post soon! ^_^ See you!!