Saturday, 25 June 2011

Random update~

I still haven't gotten around writing the circle lens post, so more of my random rumble~ xD a little life update ^__^
As you can see I made a new header and changed the background~! It's better but I still need to work on it before I'm happy xD 

Received my extensions!
I got only one set of 6 single pieces so it’s far from enough to be able to cover all my hair~ but it was from ebay and I wanted to test out the quality and see if the colour matches. And in fact it is a perfect match ^_^ they are very soft and nice, but quite thin. However I have a lot of hair so I have no idea how much I will need for a full head >_< I reached my overdraft so have to forget about it atm~

I was trying out what I can do with the extensions, and it works if I gather most of my hair in a bun and just leave some bits to cover the clips and curl it all together ^___^ <cough> excuse scary no make-up face xD  <cough>

Got those Nendoroid Petits last week~ I think I have about 25 atm, from all sorts of series~ I love them <3 they are affordable, yet so detailed and extremely cute ^_^

Found two CLAMP artbooks last week on ebay, for a super good price and just couldn’t resist~ 


Tsubasa Illustrations Album De Reproductions 1 

X Illustrated Collection 2 X Infinity

Sooo pretty~ just arrived this morning so didn’t even have time to go through them properly~

My nails atm~

Polka dot!! I saw so much of it around when I went to town recently~ and felt like doing a design~ it’s so simple yet cute, perfect for summer ^__^
Also the weather is finally good!! Going to have a picnic with my family tomorrow ^__^
I spend way too much time inside in front of my computer, so I asked my mum, since they are all home tomorrow and the weather is great, to all go to the park.  Maybe I will manage to get some tan xD

Aah~ and lastly I found my Mori gyaru inspiration – Yui Kanno, she is so cute~ love her style ^___^

Did a not so little collage with her photos xD (click for a bigger version~)
I'm cutting my fringe next week, in the same style as her ^__^ it’s quite popular among gyaru lately, and should be easier to manage that my current mess xD 

And that's the ramble for today~
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  1. you hair look nice! and the nails are so cute! <3 :) im your new follower hope you'll follow back :)

  2. ale poważna mina :P
    hmm chyba zostaniesz moja inspiracja :P