Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ramble, ramble. ramble, forever~ xD

Oh dear~ I'm really lacking the motivation to write a new post xD Same on Sunday~ just sat here, in front of my laptop all day and couldn't do anything productive xD I will do the circle lens post soon, but it needs quite a bit of work, as I want to get all the most important info to help you guys, so I will try to make it this or next week ^__^ 
And for today, ramble about the last few days~ xD

So I spent the Friday/Saturday will my awesome girls Racheal and Sarah <3 

haha~ our purikura together, from a while ago xD this time we didn’t go into London but into the midst of Essex (don’t even know where! o_o) and stayed over at Sarah’s~ so yes, girls times, discussing make up, hair, bitching about everything (got the girls hooked on gyaru_secrets xD), discussing future Japan plans, and all that sort of shizzle~ xD 
yeah fun times ^___^ can’t wait to see you gals again, hopefully soon <3 

and some awesome Cheki's taken by Sarah ages ago~ xD (I hope I will be forgive for shamelessly stealing them off your fb xD) 

me with (my dad) Sarah <3 

and with Racheal (my sister xD) 

And Monday was Maximum the Hormone gig!
If you wanna read my over 800 words long testimony of that, click read more xD 

I must say I was greatly looking forward to that~ but ended up with quite mixed feelings, but onto that later~

Joined the queue just after 4pm, it was very sparse... for the almost 4 years that I have been going to Japanese gigs early queuing seems to be becoming more and more pointless~ our tradition is slowly dying ;_; but I must say for the last few years I came to a conclusion that queuing is half the fun - that’s where I get to see all the awesome people I don’t see so often and have an epic time ^_^ thought this time there wasn't many people I know and in fact quite familiar faces, but MtH is not the usual visual kei gig, so the audience was very different (first time majority of men!! =O). Anyway~ joined Liam and quickly spotted Nana and Laura, which I haven’t seen in a while xD chatted for a bit with Nana (plus handed her a whole box of my extra eyelashes xD) until she had to leave (was only visiting the queue). Then spent the next few hours till the gig sat on the floor having the most random chat with Liam and Laura. We came to the conclusion that O2’s strongest point is the queuing area (as it’s under a roof; and it was raining), had to add them points for giving us jelly babies just before the gig xD ...but still that’s about it on good points xD Oh, and just before the doors opened Dayle finally arrived! ..with my tickets xD (was getting super worried at that point ¬_¬)  

but yes we finally got in, and after leaving our stuff in the locker (bag into bag into bag saves space and money!) and got into the first row (!) unfortunately I forgot my earplugs (i have many ear issues, damaged them badly with very loud music over the years, and after a gig half a year ago had non-stop ringing for 4 days – now always bring earplugs), and for the whole  hour the support band was playing I had to cover my ears  (it was super loud and we were way to close to the speaker), once they came off, a security guy came up to me and gave me earplugs *____* haven’t been this grateful in a while xD  wouldn’t be able to stand a whole week of ringing again~

And then MtH came on~ ...and I died x_X no not in joy... I have been to many gigs, and I have been in the front rows very often but this was the most mental thing ever; I was suddenly squashed with such a force I couldn't breathe, I had hands and everything pushing me down, plus my hair was being pulled out by the force of the crowd. Quickly I got pushed off from my space, with people practically punching me all the time x_X and within 2/3 songs I thought if this continues I am gonna pass out very soon and started backing out~ Got pushed into a crazy mosh pit in the middle, and moved left right until I reached the wall to catch a breath. Watching the crowd from a side, it was the craziest shit I have seen on a gig ever... usually it’s super crowded up to row 6-10, with people pushing and moshing but after that it’s just chill, enjoy the music~ but this time EVERYTHING  was crazy, finding a calm spot was difficult o_o I tried to find a good spot, where I could join the crown and jump and headband but not be killed xD Thought often people would still get thrown my way and I would be sent flying, but kind people would catch me most of the time before I was killed on the floor (note I was wearing THIS shoes... why did I think it was a good idea again? xD my balance wasn’t the best, and my toes suffered a great deal xD). My position was changing constantly as I was being pushed around or tried to escape the deadly mosh, no idea how I suddenly landed in the 4th row, saw Dayle, and flew to the back again xD And that was basically how it looked till the end~ xD

Regarding the band, they were absolutely amazing, these guys are totally crazy xD They all have epic energy~ and the performance was incredible, well just looking at what was happening there you can tell how did they work on the crowd xD They thought us some Japanese kids songs and lucky charms and shizzle (was totally lost what's going on o_o) YATTTTA! <thumbs up, bending to the back> xD xD crazy shit~
oh also~ they had amazing t-shirts on sale! I usually hate the gig shirts, it's just plain with the name at the front and dates at the back, but this! Exactly what I always wanted! one had an epic cartoon image of the band on the front and the other had a whole gut, intestines and everything <3 loved it xD I kinds regret I didnt get one (just never do, don't wear those type of shirts).

In conclusion it's unfortunate but I wasn't able to fully enjoy it, as a lot of my attention was on surviving rather than the music xD But the band was amazing, and I would love to see them again! ...maybe wearing more appropriate clothes and shoes.
And note to self: start freaking tying up your hair!!! I swear nothing I have done to my hair was this damaging xD I had tons of hair pulled out, and got a hair band tangled in (had to cut it out xD)

But yes, it was quite incredible xD Everyone who didn’t go – shame on you! You missed something eeeeepic xD
Next gig – Gackt~
Also my outfit

yeah I know, I'm the only one who could wear a floral dress to a heavy metal gig xD (wearing this dress)

If you read it all, I am super impressed xD I love to write pointless shit that puts people to sleep~ 
Hopefully a new (interesting) post soon~ \(^__^)/


  1. *_* gdzie jest purikura ?!?!?!?
    Ślicznie wyglądasz ^o^

  2. kurde byłam tam ;__; przechodziłam obok tego sklepy ;__;
    muszę czekać do lipca teraz >.<
    dzięki :)