Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year 2012!

Hello guys! Just a super quick post cause I'm leaving in a minute xD
I just wanted to wish you all great time today (sorry if your in a different time zone and I'm late). Hope you have a blast tonight~
Wish you all an amazing year 2012, better than any before!
May all your wishes and dreams come true!
/and hopefully it won't be our last year to celebrate u know with the 2012 end xD/ 
Thanks to everyone who made 2011 such an amazing year, to all the people I met before, those that I got closer with recently and those I only met. You are all amazing and irreplaceable, no matter how life leads us on I will always remember you all who made my life and 2011 amazing!
Love you all!! 

and a cam whore shot just before I leave~ 

off to London now~ ^__^

/the promised Xmas post will be here soon!! xD/

Sunday, 25 December 2011

IKEA Xmas and revision~

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a great Christmas at this very moment!
Hope you spent a great time with your dear ones, had lots of yummy food and got amazing presents~

I will divide this into two post~ For the Xmas/gift exchange event I had with my friends and then make another for my family Xmas and Polish traditions ^_^ 

haha I got all bored and decided to decorate the photos a bit xD lol I'm not very good with photoshop xD 

Starting with last week, I some of my London friends in... IKEA for Xmas gift giving xD dont even ask why there, it was fun regardless. We met at the station and then took a walk to the shop~

compulsory toilet photo xD 
I added a few loose curls to my hair~

present! some of those are also for my family
I had so much fun buying all and wrapping~ I never really gave presents before and never wrote cards, so it was all a new, awesome experience~ 
Giving presents is better than receiving ^___^ I just want to see everyone be happy~ 

and here we are sat in the IKEA restaurant, unwrapping all~ 
/and noming on candy floss xD/

so much~ 

omg look at all the stuff I got! was rly not expecting it xD
(the panda is my camera case and wallet/phone also mine - not presents)

Nana-chan! Since she didnt get a present last week for bday now she got two~ xP 

all the cards had rly sweet messages~
lol my cards are crazy~ I hate empty spaces so I write loads and draw to fill everything, and then I also write in all directions so you need to twist the card while reading it xD 

once we all got the gifts, talked loads and had some food (must say they have great and cheap food there!) we went in... thought it was already 4.30 and as it was a sunday the shop was closing at 5 lol xD
took a quick, fun walk through (actually some got stuff) and walked out to the local McDonalds
sat there for more hours simply talking forever and headed home~
fun times xD 

and my awesome gifts!!
/omg so excited/
2 Within Temptation albums (now I'm only missing the newest one)
Big Bang Theory Box Set <3
cute stickers, plush and pen (I've been using that pen all the time lol)
/piggy/ bear! bank (already half filled with loads of copper coins)
hippo contact lens case
super cute cupcake hand warmer (its one of the liquid things that u click and it turns solid and warms up) 

my friends are just too awesome xD I dont deserve all that~ 

and met my best friend Alex a few days before Xmas and for out exchange~ she got me some Vampire Diaries merch! (omg omg omg spaz i love love love VD), calendar and Season 1 DVD /epic/ 

After that I spent the last week in the LRC (Learning Resources Centre aka my uni library) studying very hard. I really struggle to study at home so I always go there (plus I like to use a variety of books to understand the topic), and ofc its closing for Xmas and only reopening after new year so I had to make the best use of my week. My exams are just around the corner now @__@  

compulsory toilet shot... in the LRC toilet xD lol 
I dont wear much make up to study except for some eyeliner, mascara and filling in my brows~ 
my hair has been very nice and fluffy lately~ but it gets greasy super fast cause of all the wind >__< 

studying hard for Pathophysiology

some books I borrowed to bring home for revision~
lol I rly just revise Pathophys cause its my fav subject xD very bad choice~ I hate biochemistry so Im putting it off for later >__< 

lol I attempted /once/ to put my fringe up... and quickly changed my mind and took it out~ xD my forehead looks rly weird I cant stand it~ 

and finally I got a package with lots of jewellery for my piercings~ 
unfortunately had to the take the cross one out, cause the barbell was rly short and compressed my cartilage, but I badly messed up cause I had to change it myself and trying to put a ball closure ring I struggled a lot, moving it around, and now it's all inflamed and swollen =__= not happy times >3<

Well that's it for this post~ Gonna make another one today or pretty soon if I dont manage of my family  Christmas~
Hope you enjoyed(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Crazy cookie mix part 2

Following from last post~

Then last weekend I stayed at uni (at my friend's place) to go for a night out / gig. The band playing was The Blanks (Ted's band from Scrubs), however I don't remember the gig at all xD Started drinking an hour or two before leaving and me being me just drank everything too fast and after maybe 3 drinks my weak brain started wobbling the world~ xD I didnt drink any more till we left but it was just getting worse and worse /couldn't get up at all/, so I was pretty much carried to the venue xD (and I can barely remember the journey), when we went in the gig has already started. Next there is a large gap in my mind filled with bits of music and the band came off. Steph was constantly giving me water and as we were waiting for the club part of the night to be set up my mind started clearing a bit~ we started drinking again xD I was fine afterwards thought, I kept drinking but I didn't feel bad any more, just fun~ 

with Tika <3 absolutely love my scousewife~ xD 

Steph, me and Tika

Tika, me and Chrissie~

And so the night went on, just dancing, drinking and dancing till 1 or 2 am when we decided we're all super tired and headed back to the house~ Thought I ended up not sleeping almost all night cause I was drinking mostly jaggerbombs and definitively overdosed on the caffeine xD I was just shaking uncontrollably for most of the time plus a horrible hangover in the morning >__< ...and then I had to head back to the library and finish my assignments, lovely~  ...would totally do it again thought xD maybe just slow down on the drinks xD

Next was Cube this Monday, I didn't have a ticket but decided to come and visit as a load of friends I didn't see in ages were gonna go~
outfit~ those boots died on me now xD but got awesome new ones~ 
super cute panda shirt from F21 ( yep, again, officially in love with that shop) 

I wanted to meet people quite early that day, but I had to go into uni first to hand in an assignment, took a bus from campus to Edgware and  I managed to get to Brixton by 2pm (or was it 3?)
The crowd was quite astonishing, people people PEOPLE, really kpop beats our little jrock fandom x__x
but saw so many people I didn't see in aaaaages, had loads of fun and run from passing cars half of the time xD Once everyone the doors opened (5:30!! o__o) and everyone went in, our small visitor group moved over to the local Nando's and spent the next (many) hours in there chatting xD

with Gigi~ lol we both had awkward faces x___x 

RayRay!! Forever miss your face >3< 

and omg Lita-chan! haven't seen her in almost 2 years! (came all the way from Poland for Cube! +o+)

didn't manage to get a photo with everybody unfortunately ;3;
but Jazz (havent seen in like a year!), Ray, Ellie (few months), Gigi and Racheal  

and Lita again~ but messed up the settings on my camera and it failed >3< 

so many people that never ended up on camera =__= in fact most of the post queue nando's group xD since they arrived when it already got dark, and I hate photos with no sun >_< 
Superbly enjoyed my day thought~ 

And yesterday (omg I'm up to date and on with it! ;__;) was Nana-chan's bday!!! 

happy birthday my forever little daughter~ 
(its a red panda cupcake! <sobbing>) 

As the event was only gonna start at 6pm i took the whole day... doing nothing xD Since my train stop was close to Faye's home arranged to meet her at the station and take the bus to Nana together. Ofc as I predicted Faye cant ever make it on time so I walked to her house to find her still with a towel on her head =__= an hour after that and a crazy creep bus encounter we reached Nana's place. Was a bit strange at first since there was a lot of people I didn't know (school friends and such), but soon it became quite fun~ more chilling, eating crisp, cupcakes, sweets and talking~ 

just look at those! /amazing/ 

someone made a pinata octopus! but it was too soft and Nana could only make dents xD so we had to rip it into pieces to get the sweats out~ it was fun~ 

Lily pinata head! xD 

I was staying at Nana's since getting home so late would be impossible, so once everyone left (past 11 pm xD) we headed to her crazy room (in the attic up crazy steep stairs x__x), and talked about everything till 3 or 4 am. lots of fun~ woke up at 10, got some amazing cinnamon roles someone brought over yesterday and... chatted more ofc and finally headed home~ 
and here I am /tired/ 
just wanna sleep forever but more assignments to work on tomorrow >__< last week in uni before holidays! o__o where did all this time go @_@

That's it for today~ Will try to post some reviews or hauls soon, but really have no time ;___;
Hope you enjoyed~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

Crazy cookie mix part 1

So today another ramble on a whole load of things~ cause something is happening all the time but I'm too busy to even download the photos onto my computer xD Must say I've been going out a bit too much considering the state of my account and the amount of work I have. 
Also hello to all my new followers, hit 40! I got quite a few after joining the UK gyaru page on fb, so hope you all enjoy and stay here! I really wish I could be friends with more UK gyaru/gyaru-o.

So let's get on with it, cause there really is a lot xD 
Don't know if I mentioned before but my nan and grandparents flew to UK for my brother's confirmation (almost a month ago now), for a week. I was quite scared since we don't have much space in out house, but I managed to keep my room for myself and was in uni most of the time so it was okay~

I was my brother's witness and this is the dress I wore ^_^ Super love it~ My mum got it from F21 but she didn't like the cut so it's mine now xD the photo isnt best I'm afraid... 

after the mass~
my nan's on both sides and brother next to me, he is a bit taller than me, but I'm wearing stilettos xD 

and a bit of random:
2 nail polishes I got~ some might know that I'm obsessed with Barry M; got around 30 polishes atm xD they came out with a few new colours now so had to get my hands on it~ the one on the left is Barry M Lilac Foil (it's limited!!) and it might be one of the prettiest colours ever!! might have to get a back up x__x 
the one on the right is GOSH Ocean, got it cause I like the colour a lot, but it's quite expensive for the small size, and it peels quickly

Lilac Foil on~
I'd like to add that it only started chipping after an entire week! 

Next the weekend of 26/27 November ~ 2 bday's in London! >__<
First was Michelle's bday (the unicorn mother! xD) 
look for the day~ wearing i.Fairy Crystal Blue, absolutely love those lenses, neglecting all else too much xD  

and outfit~
both skirt and shirt from F21, I really love wearing oversized cropped t shirt over a long sleeve lately~ 
wearing my Lita's in the photo, but changed to boots before leaving, cause it's really cold nowdays >< 

group photo in M&Ms world! 
the guy who took it was quite impressed that we are such a mixed group from all over UK~ I agree Unicorns are amazing! I'm so happy to know them all <3 

We first went bowling~ I dont like bowling so I just sat and laughed at failures xD
with cute, littleTiff~ 

wit the birthday girl Michelle <3 my mama~ 

bad quality >< 
omg it's Ellie, she exists!
also while we swapped  from bowling to billiard, the girls attacked me and braided my hair o__o 

afterwards we went back central to eat, awesome Korean/Japanese restaurant, it was very good..
 dont really have any good photos so juuump~ xD 

leaving from the meal~
Michelle with my bday present! isn't he adorable! 

kyan~ <3 I wanted one for myself xD 

Alex how dare you photo bomb me xD once I made a good face! lol
this is my BFF Alex btw xD 


more MMs world~ 
forever lolling at Vin's face xD 

/herp derp/

not much to say here~ took as forever walking around and we missed the train home, so only got back at midnight xD my mum was not happy~ 

Next day was Sarah's bday event! (a week after her actually bday as I couldnt make it then <sobbing>)
only okay photo~ 
my hair was looking shiet that day so I couldnt be bothered >_< 

We met in central, went as always Japan Center, Troc, eating in China Town, lots of strange talking~ xD
and finally purikura! more talking and off home~ 

aren't we adorable~ xD 

This post is loooong~ so dividing into two chunks xD more in a moment~ 

Hope you enjoy~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

Sunday, 20 November 2011

London Expo and others~

Gonna include a few events in this post since there isn't really that much to write xD
Well first of; Expo, which was already 3 weeks ago o_o anyway as I wrote before I was cosplaying with some friends for Vocaloid's Matryoshka~
I'm in blue if you didnt recognise, as Miku
Michelle (green hair) is Gumi and Tiff (blonde) is Ren 
I was just super annoyed cause I made stickers for my face... and forgot my make up bag at home where i put them =___= so Michelle had to draw them on super fast >3<

well I think it went pretty well ^__^ 

must say the twin tails are a /pain/ they got soooo tangles >___< dont even know how to comb it out...

enjoy the Expo photo spam~ xD
there really isnt much to talk about, we walked around, we looked at stuff, took photos, bought things, sat and talked~ tada! 

supec cool bubble Gaga cosplay xD

there was an amazing stall with art! they were huge and on canvas <3
but the prices were like £200+ @__@ 

our gang~ xD 

Vin came all the way from Bournemouth... and didnt tell us xD I was so surprised when he popped up at the station xD 
and yeah thats it~ I didnt even spend much (which is extremely rare), only got 2 CDs (Anna Tsuchiya's and Olivia's albums for NANA) and one manga~ 

I went to Expo on Saturday, and Chrissie invited me to go to London Sunday again, as she got 6 tickets for some TV show recording in BBC! tbh I dont even watch TV, but decided it might a once in a lifetime experience and went along ^__^ 

my outfit~
wow I havent worn a skirt in ages xD both skirt and top are from F21, I officially love that shop <3 so much great stuff ^__^ and the pencil skirt was only like £6! o_o 

onto the show~ it's called "Trust us with your life", and it will be aired in US, but its from the creators of "Who's line is it anyway" and "Mock the week". In each episode there is special guest which will talk about his life and the improvisers, who never heard those stories before, need to act out a scene based on it (often with a funny twist). I must say it was pretty good xD I find the concept of the show rather weird (but maybe that's cause I'm not familiar with British TV) The guest was Jane Seymour (kyaa! only person I know, was quite excited xD Dr. Quinn if you don't recall), and yes it was all very hilarious. Got quite  exhausting when they had to repeat scenes or we were forced to laugh over and over~ 
I think it was like 3 or 4 hours before we got to leave xD but no regrets~ 

my crazy and lovely friends~ 

Tika /the boobs/ and Ben with Michael and Chrissie in the back~ 

umm yeah thats what I was talking about last time, my hair looks so orange/yellow compared to Tika xD 
so from left; Tika, Chrissie, me and Steph 
love them lots~ <3

and last for today is Within Temptation!

Dont really have any photos I'm afraid~ well WT is one of my favourite bands, and after many bids I managed to get /3/ tickets for their all sold out gig!  Yeah 3... cause it was a good deal xD I did in fact find 2 fans among my friends but they called it off last minute due to unforeseen circumstances~ So I asked Dayle to go with me, and later Alex offered to go as she is a fan as well~ (YAY!!)
The gig was last week and it was seriously amazing! One of the best gigs I've been to! Turned out the tickets were for circle seated (which I totally didn't realize), it was a bit weird cause I wanted to get up and dance all the time xD Thought I was really tired (came straight from uni), and they only came on at 9 (doors opened at 7), so I'd probably die if I had to stand for so long~ We still had quite a rave with Alex, moshing in out seats xD Don't really feel like getting into much details~ Except for how epic it was~ They played pretty much all of my fav songs... but with WT almost /all/ the songs are my favourite xD 
They promised to come back soon and I'm very much counting on that, cause I would go any time, they are seriously one of the best bands ever, and Sharon has the voice of an angel <3
Ah also it was the first time I was at Brixoton Academy and that venue is amazing! The sound the set up *o* Cube should be great there (I'm not going thought~)

and a random photo from the day found on my twitter xD

Well that was a long post~ Hope you enjoyed!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ