Sunday, 25 December 2011

IKEA Xmas and revision~

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a great Christmas at this very moment!
Hope you spent a great time with your dear ones, had lots of yummy food and got amazing presents~

I will divide this into two post~ For the Xmas/gift exchange event I had with my friends and then make another for my family Xmas and Polish traditions ^_^ 

haha I got all bored and decided to decorate the photos a bit xD lol I'm not very good with photoshop xD 

Starting with last week, I some of my London friends in... IKEA for Xmas gift giving xD dont even ask why there, it was fun regardless. We met at the station and then took a walk to the shop~

compulsory toilet photo xD 
I added a few loose curls to my hair~

present! some of those are also for my family
I had so much fun buying all and wrapping~ I never really gave presents before and never wrote cards, so it was all a new, awesome experience~ 
Giving presents is better than receiving ^___^ I just want to see everyone be happy~ 

and here we are sat in the IKEA restaurant, unwrapping all~ 
/and noming on candy floss xD/

so much~ 

omg look at all the stuff I got! was rly not expecting it xD
(the panda is my camera case and wallet/phone also mine - not presents)

Nana-chan! Since she didnt get a present last week for bday now she got two~ xP 

all the cards had rly sweet messages~
lol my cards are crazy~ I hate empty spaces so I write loads and draw to fill everything, and then I also write in all directions so you need to twist the card while reading it xD 

once we all got the gifts, talked loads and had some food (must say they have great and cheap food there!) we went in... thought it was already 4.30 and as it was a sunday the shop was closing at 5 lol xD
took a quick, fun walk through (actually some got stuff) and walked out to the local McDonalds
sat there for more hours simply talking forever and headed home~
fun times xD 

and my awesome gifts!!
/omg so excited/
2 Within Temptation albums (now I'm only missing the newest one)
Big Bang Theory Box Set <3
cute stickers, plush and pen (I've been using that pen all the time lol)
/piggy/ bear! bank (already half filled with loads of copper coins)
hippo contact lens case
super cute cupcake hand warmer (its one of the liquid things that u click and it turns solid and warms up) 

my friends are just too awesome xD I dont deserve all that~ 

and met my best friend Alex a few days before Xmas and for out exchange~ she got me some Vampire Diaries merch! (omg omg omg spaz i love love love VD), calendar and Season 1 DVD /epic/ 

After that I spent the last week in the LRC (Learning Resources Centre aka my uni library) studying very hard. I really struggle to study at home so I always go there (plus I like to use a variety of books to understand the topic), and ofc its closing for Xmas and only reopening after new year so I had to make the best use of my week. My exams are just around the corner now @__@  

compulsory toilet shot... in the LRC toilet xD lol 
I dont wear much make up to study except for some eyeliner, mascara and filling in my brows~ 
my hair has been very nice and fluffy lately~ but it gets greasy super fast cause of all the wind >__< 

studying hard for Pathophysiology

some books I borrowed to bring home for revision~
lol I rly just revise Pathophys cause its my fav subject xD very bad choice~ I hate biochemistry so Im putting it off for later >__< 

lol I attempted /once/ to put my fringe up... and quickly changed my mind and took it out~ xD my forehead looks rly weird I cant stand it~ 

and finally I got a package with lots of jewellery for my piercings~ 
unfortunately had to the take the cross one out, cause the barbell was rly short and compressed my cartilage, but I badly messed up cause I had to change it myself and trying to put a ball closure ring I struggled a lot, moving it around, and now it's all inflamed and swollen =__= not happy times >3<

Well that's it for this post~ Gonna make another one today or pretty soon if I dont manage of my family  Christmas~
Hope you enjoyed(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

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