Sunday, 11 December 2011

Crazy cookie mix part 1

So today another ramble on a whole load of things~ cause something is happening all the time but I'm too busy to even download the photos onto my computer xD Must say I've been going out a bit too much considering the state of my account and the amount of work I have. 
Also hello to all my new followers, hit 40! I got quite a few after joining the UK gyaru page on fb, so hope you all enjoy and stay here! I really wish I could be friends with more UK gyaru/gyaru-o.

So let's get on with it, cause there really is a lot xD 
Don't know if I mentioned before but my nan and grandparents flew to UK for my brother's confirmation (almost a month ago now), for a week. I was quite scared since we don't have much space in out house, but I managed to keep my room for myself and was in uni most of the time so it was okay~

I was my brother's witness and this is the dress I wore ^_^ Super love it~ My mum got it from F21 but she didn't like the cut so it's mine now xD the photo isnt best I'm afraid... 

after the mass~
my nan's on both sides and brother next to me, he is a bit taller than me, but I'm wearing stilettos xD 

and a bit of random:
2 nail polishes I got~ some might know that I'm obsessed with Barry M; got around 30 polishes atm xD they came out with a few new colours now so had to get my hands on it~ the one on the left is Barry M Lilac Foil (it's limited!!) and it might be one of the prettiest colours ever!! might have to get a back up x__x 
the one on the right is GOSH Ocean, got it cause I like the colour a lot, but it's quite expensive for the small size, and it peels quickly

Lilac Foil on~
I'd like to add that it only started chipping after an entire week! 

Next the weekend of 26/27 November ~ 2 bday's in London! >__<
First was Michelle's bday (the unicorn mother! xD) 
look for the day~ wearing i.Fairy Crystal Blue, absolutely love those lenses, neglecting all else too much xD  

and outfit~
both skirt and shirt from F21, I really love wearing oversized cropped t shirt over a long sleeve lately~ 
wearing my Lita's in the photo, but changed to boots before leaving, cause it's really cold nowdays >< 

group photo in M&Ms world! 
the guy who took it was quite impressed that we are such a mixed group from all over UK~ I agree Unicorns are amazing! I'm so happy to know them all <3 

We first went bowling~ I dont like bowling so I just sat and laughed at failures xD
with cute, littleTiff~ 

wit the birthday girl Michelle <3 my mama~ 

bad quality >< 
omg it's Ellie, she exists!
also while we swapped  from bowling to billiard, the girls attacked me and braided my hair o__o 

afterwards we went back central to eat, awesome Korean/Japanese restaurant, it was very good..
 dont really have any good photos so juuump~ xD 

leaving from the meal~
Michelle with my bday present! isn't he adorable! 

kyan~ <3 I wanted one for myself xD 

Alex how dare you photo bomb me xD once I made a good face! lol
this is my BFF Alex btw xD 


more MMs world~ 
forever lolling at Vin's face xD 

/herp derp/

not much to say here~ took as forever walking around and we missed the train home, so only got back at midnight xD my mum was not happy~ 

Next day was Sarah's bday event! (a week after her actually bday as I couldnt make it then <sobbing>)
only okay photo~ 
my hair was looking shiet that day so I couldnt be bothered >_< 

We met in central, went as always Japan Center, Troc, eating in China Town, lots of strange talking~ xD
and finally purikura! more talking and off home~ 

aren't we adorable~ xD 

This post is loooong~ so dividing into two chunks xD more in a moment~ 

Hope you enjoy~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

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