Sunday, 20 November 2011

London Expo and others~

Gonna include a few events in this post since there isn't really that much to write xD
Well first of; Expo, which was already 3 weeks ago o_o anyway as I wrote before I was cosplaying with some friends for Vocaloid's Matryoshka~
I'm in blue if you didnt recognise, as Miku
Michelle (green hair) is Gumi and Tiff (blonde) is Ren 
I was just super annoyed cause I made stickers for my face... and forgot my make up bag at home where i put them =___= so Michelle had to draw them on super fast >3<

well I think it went pretty well ^__^ 

must say the twin tails are a /pain/ they got soooo tangles >___< dont even know how to comb it out...

enjoy the Expo photo spam~ xD
there really isnt much to talk about, we walked around, we looked at stuff, took photos, bought things, sat and talked~ tada! 

supec cool bubble Gaga cosplay xD

there was an amazing stall with art! they were huge and on canvas <3
but the prices were like £200+ @__@ 

our gang~ xD 

Vin came all the way from Bournemouth... and didnt tell us xD I was so surprised when he popped up at the station xD 
and yeah thats it~ I didnt even spend much (which is extremely rare), only got 2 CDs (Anna Tsuchiya's and Olivia's albums for NANA) and one manga~ 

I went to Expo on Saturday, and Chrissie invited me to go to London Sunday again, as she got 6 tickets for some TV show recording in BBC! tbh I dont even watch TV, but decided it might a once in a lifetime experience and went along ^__^ 

my outfit~
wow I havent worn a skirt in ages xD both skirt and top are from F21, I officially love that shop <3 so much great stuff ^__^ and the pencil skirt was only like £6! o_o 

onto the show~ it's called "Trust us with your life", and it will be aired in US, but its from the creators of "Who's line is it anyway" and "Mock the week". In each episode there is special guest which will talk about his life and the improvisers, who never heard those stories before, need to act out a scene based on it (often with a funny twist). I must say it was pretty good xD I find the concept of the show rather weird (but maybe that's cause I'm not familiar with British TV) The guest was Jane Seymour (kyaa! only person I know, was quite excited xD Dr. Quinn if you don't recall), and yes it was all very hilarious. Got quite  exhausting when they had to repeat scenes or we were forced to laugh over and over~ 
I think it was like 3 or 4 hours before we got to leave xD but no regrets~ 

my crazy and lovely friends~ 

Tika /the boobs/ and Ben with Michael and Chrissie in the back~ 

umm yeah thats what I was talking about last time, my hair looks so orange/yellow compared to Tika xD 
so from left; Tika, Chrissie, me and Steph 
love them lots~ <3

and last for today is Within Temptation!

Dont really have any photos I'm afraid~ well WT is one of my favourite bands, and after many bids I managed to get /3/ tickets for their all sold out gig!  Yeah 3... cause it was a good deal xD I did in fact find 2 fans among my friends but they called it off last minute due to unforeseen circumstances~ So I asked Dayle to go with me, and later Alex offered to go as she is a fan as well~ (YAY!!)
The gig was last week and it was seriously amazing! One of the best gigs I've been to! Turned out the tickets were for circle seated (which I totally didn't realize), it was a bit weird cause I wanted to get up and dance all the time xD Thought I was really tired (came straight from uni), and they only came on at 9 (doors opened at 7), so I'd probably die if I had to stand for so long~ We still had quite a rave with Alex, moshing in out seats xD Don't really feel like getting into much details~ Except for how epic it was~ They played pretty much all of my fav songs... but with WT almost /all/ the songs are my favourite xD 
They promised to come back soon and I'm very much counting on that, cause I would go any time, they are seriously one of the best bands ever, and Sharon has the voice of an angel <3
Ah also it was the first time I was at Brixoton Academy and that venue is amazing! The sound the set up *o* Cube should be great there (I'm not going thought~)

and a random photo from the day found on my twitter xD

Well that was a long post~ Hope you enjoyed!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

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  1. Wow, super wyglądaliście... szkoda, że nie mam udziału wziąć udziału w jakimś Cosplayu...może kiedyś:)