Tuesday, 15 November 2011

WebCam memories~

Hello everyone! A bit of a fun post today~ 
I was looking through my webcam photos yesterday and realized how much I have and how it goes through my whole "gyaru journey" and decided to choose some and post here xD Enjoy!


dear lord, this is very much my first tries with gyaru xD I had little to no understanding of how to do make up 
summer 2010 I think~

curling hair~ forever fail xD my hair doesnt hold curls at all, and the amounts of hairspray I used to save it made it look completely plastic xD  

what even xD

lower curls with a lot of volume~ much better xD

...but never worked this well again >< 

still overuse of hairspray but I was starting to get a hold on it~
curling took me 30 minuter rather than 2 hours xD 

I loved my hats~

buns forever!

and had super long nails, which uni killed xD

what was I thinking with this hair? also pink lipstick doesnt rly suit me~ 

big hair! ...but never enough volume on top (still cant master that =__=)


just grabbed my curls with an elastic and got the nicest side bun ever~

April this year~


super nice hair, worked only once purely by chance... never recreated successfully again =__= 

natural curls, which I stayed with for a loong time~

got a ruling tong~

gives a much more natural wave~

lol, never wore this hat out... not sure how I feel about it~

fringe massacre @_@ 


finally got japanese lashes! and bottom lashes! \^__^/

cute bun~

well all those should be familiar now xD 

purple~ <3


just for last week~
this is my /natural/ make up, since I was going to uni first and then to a gig
snipped my old eyelure lashes in half~ they work rly well and half lashes! 

review on this lenses coming soon!
(it looks like the quality of the camera went down suddenly o__o or is it my imagination?)

yeah looking at this I think I improved a lot~ feeling quite good about it now xD

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ


  1. Mnie za cholerę nie chcą wyjść takie duże loki...jak Ty je robisz?

  2. Tez używam 32mm, robię słosy według filmików, używam oryginalnych kosmetyków do kręcenia włosów, ale dosłownie pół godziny po kręceniu prostują mi się włosy...a jak robię 16mm loki to trzymają mi się kilka dni (dopóki głowy nie umyję).