Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Ray in London!

Hello~ As always I'm really behind and I actually have quite a few events to catch up on posting (and 4 freaking assignments to do =__=). But getting right into it, Ray came down to London, after freaking 7 months, so an event was a must~ Chilling in Shepherd's Bush Westfield it is~ xD 

miserable look of the day~ my fringe is awkward (did I mention my mum distracted me when I was trimming it and it went very wrong xD it's pretty much grown back now~ xD), and my purple hair blends with the blue shirt =__= why are so many of my clothes blue or purple?? 

Anyway I arrived a bit earlier, cause I wanted to get something and also met Dayle and sat in Costa sipping hot chocolate <3 (I'm a bit addicted to it atm...) 
After ages of waiting and everyone being forever late /as always/ we headed in, some got starbucks and we sat down on some cute couch thingies xD

in photos~
Faye being cute like always, in James' glassess xD

Steven being cute?? o___o lol I love this photo xD we went in to some book store for a moment~
colourful kiddie section!

and we're all sat down now~ enjoying our drinks and chat~ like always xD 

Lily and Lizzie! 

and the guest of the day~ RAY! lol... with Anna
me and Faye being camwhores~

hahaha xD actually realized we have /no/ photos together... so ofc had to catch up~

with Gigi! /and Faye being weird in the back~ /
first time more orange hair than me!! xD lol my good friend has bleached white hair and mine looks so orange next to it xD

Faye amazing sparkling up skills! omg i cant wait for my iphone 4 ;___;
so Lily, Faye, me and Dayle~ all cute and sparkly <3

After sitting for a while inside Westfield, decided it's time to eat~ and for us lot, forever poor students, McDonald's is always the answer xD got food, sat down and found "sleeping oppa" (by Gigi). Seriously this was soooo funny, the guy was totally wasted and fell asleep with his burger half way done xD we first checked if he was breathing (and yes confirmed) nothing would wake him up... we were sat there for maybe 2 hours laughing and even taking photos but he didnt react o_o after some time his head dropped and he dragged all his fries and drink down the table onto him /still sleeping/ 
Faye is easily amused~ xD

it was just too funny...
some guy went past and actually threw a fry into his open mouth LOL

afterwards we decided to take a bus and go to... eto... a park xD cant remember the name! o__o 

group photo time!!!

Sailor Moon transformation! 

photoception!!! @___@

too cool for school~ xD

we sat in the park for a bit, chatted shit, took turns on james' bike and headed off~ it was still early so some went home and the rest decided to go back to central and purikura!

it turned out so cute! love every single picture! but I dont have any atm >,< I had to leave while they were still decorating and Dayle keeps forgetting to bring and give me mine xD 

and some polaroids from the day~
 my hair looks pink in all of them o___o still cute! xD

Ray, Anna and Gigi

bromance! Steven, Daye and James 
lol too adorable xD

another group pic! it wasnt even dark at all yet >< why you do this to me camera?

and final photo with Ray~

and that's about it! not really much writing but it was aaages ago and i can't even remember, plus we really just talk all day and thats about it xD
Hope you enjoyed anyway~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

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