Thursday, 27 October 2011


Just a quick post to keep things alive~ I have another diary blog post but no time to write now, too much assignments xD
Anyway, as you might know I love shoes, and I love them lots~ and I buy too many and destroy them really fast xD And here are some of my recent gets~ ^___^

Lita's!! well~ fake Lita's xD I cannot afford to pay £100+ atm, so got some fakes from ebay~
They are the most massive shoes /ever/, the heel is 5", making me exact 6 feet tall xD they are super pretty thought~ I was told that the real ones are very comfy, those are okay, they do hurt my toes a bit, but I need to put some insoles cause my feet moves around a bit~
for me the major fault of those is that the seller made no attempt to make the heel look wooden, it's just a block colour, I know Eilish got fakes from another seller, and they had a sticker around the heel imitating the wood~ 
but overall they are super pretty and I hope to have a real pair one day xD

boots! I buy /a lot/ of boots, cause I destroy them super fast xD I wore those 3 times and ripped one of the heels already =___= oh well... The go up to my knee and are super nice and comfy~ and only £15 in Primark (they also have them in brown, purple, green and violet i think? pretty cool~)

my first stilettos from New Look~
I always wear very thick or kitten heels, but I wanted a pair of thin heels for ages, my friend told me that the NL ones are very comfy (from the Wide Fit range), and they are indeed very easy to walk it and reasonably comfortable~ I did manage to wreck the back oh the heel in one wear but oh well~ <covers up with black nail polish>

Converse! OMG, not very gal, but my fav shoes atm xD
I havent worn trainers in /ages/, but I used to love them a lot many years ago. I bought those just for my cosplay but now I wear them all the time to uni cause they are just the most comfortable shoes ever (even being a size too big!), even if not the most stylish~
got them on eBay half the normal price~ 

as you can see I'm addicted to eBay shopping~ saw those super cheap and had to grab~ havent worn them yet tbh. but it's a cute pair of court wedges~ not too high and easy to wear /I hope/ 

and last not shoe related~
Juicy Couture, Viva La Juicy /as you can see~/
I got a sample when I was at Westfield last month and I totally fell in love with the smell~ I never really used perfumes before but I wanted something nice for a while~  and Lily works in the perfume shop so she got me a discount! <jumps around> yeah it was quite an expense, but still much better that many brand perfumes and I really love it ^___^

And that's all for today! Hope you enjoyed~! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ


  1. wow so many great shoes♥
    then i want to go shopping for some new shoes too (T T)
    the first ones are LOVE!
    I always see them on the internet and always i want them>< but i guess they are expesinve (><);

  2. Te pierwsze botki (chyba botki..)ma też Vivii. Zazdroszczę wam, że możecie takie wysokie buty nosić, ja jestem niestety za i mam kręgosłup chory...
    Podobają mi się zamszowe kozaczki. Mam podobne (kupowane w chińskim;P).
    Chyba mogę pisać komentarze po polsku? Nie masz jak Dżoana Krupa problemów z ojczystym językiem...? ^_-

  3. No kochana...ja mam 183cm wzrostu, więc żaaaadnych obcasów nie noszę...jakbym miała mieć tak wysokie nuty jak Ty (na pierwszym zdjęciu) to bym miała...190cm wzorstu! Masakra...mój mąż i tak jest niższy ode mnie o 1cm (jak zaczęłam z nim chodzić ponad 6 lat temu to był wyższe ode mnie), więc czasami nawet lekko się garbię przy nim xD

    Dobrze, że mówisz płynnie po polsku...pewnie w domu tylko w ojczystym języku mówicie, a poza domem po angielsku. Jak byłam w Niemczech to wiele rodzin takich było...rodzice przeprowadzili się do Niemiec, dziecko się tam urodziło, ale nie dość, że po polsku umie mówić, po niemiecku to jeszcze w szkole ma francuski i angielski:/ Pisać i czytać nie potrafią za bardzo w j. polskim, ale mowa super, z lekkim akcentem.