Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Japan Underground

Im so so so soooo sorry for not posting in so long! Over this month I actually gained A LOT of followers, much more than I'd expect~ but I also lost some recently ;__; probably cause I havent posted in so long~ Well I'm back in uni now, and since day one I have been buried in piles and piles of work =_= I'm already missing my summer holidays xD I actually have a few posts on my mind, but they require taking photos and I'm never home when the sun is up so it's a bit impossible atm >_< but I'll try my best~ For today I got a post on Japan Underground, which took place over the weekend~ 

my hair is purple!!! 
I used up all of my blue hair dye, and decided I'm bored of the blue but I dont want to go back to all blonde yet, so purple was the choice~! I actually like it more than blue, and it fades nicer ^__^
And I curled my hair! its been many months since I touched heat tools~ also the first time I attempted to curl my hair with a straightener and not a curling iron, I had some problems but it was okay xD
Doesn't it look like my hair finally getting longer!? <excited> 

eh I give up on taking photos of my clothes =__= and this mirror needs a clean xD
I was wearing my usual shorts, awesome New Look stilettos and a super cute H&M sleeveless top with a collar~

Onto the night~
Picked Dayle up from work, got him fed in McDonalds and went to Russel Square where JPU take place. Met Liam and Tiff and off to paaarty~ xD
So much people I know and haven't seen in ages where there! Also got introduced to many new peeps (or people I saw before but never got a chance to talk to).

and photos~ mine plus stolen from Sarah and Michelle~ /and her awesome jrock blog/ <3
with Sarah! she provided me a place to stay for the night xP 

my digicamera wasnt handling the light there too well xD and i hate using flash~ 
but like regardless xP

our nails! amazingly captured by Michelle! mine on the left and Sarah's on the right~ only did a simple dripping / melting design xD 

We went in at 7:30 and the first band came on 8:00, 3 bands played; Hondalady, Galapagoss and Tokyo Pinsalocks. I really enjoyed all of them a lot (much more than I in fact expected).

Laura! my head is forever too big xD 
we had an awesome rave during the first band, on our own, on the side (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

cute Tiffanie~

face fail~ with Tiff
when did my hair go this shit? =__=

hahaha, another angle /photo in the making/ xD 

I also managed to get well tipsy over /one/ glass of white wine xD It was quite funny... note that I don't really drink alcohol at all~ But I enjoyed it more after xD (even if I spent most of the time lying on the floor with Tiff). Once the bands came off, just before 11, the fun begun with rave and dance to our favourite jrock bands ^__^ 

<forever staying on the floor> I actually look better in post alcohol photos... hmm~ xD 

lol, im sorry, had to include this photo, it's just so fabulous xD <3
Dayle with one of the bands which played that night - HONDALADY 

I was planning to stay till the very end but I haven't realised that Sarah lives in the middle of nowhere and we need to take of early to get the last train~ And so we left at 11:30 and began the loooong journey "home". Still managed to stay up till maybe 2 am since Chio was super hyper talking non stop. Can't say I didn't enjoy it~ It was definitively a great weekend, even if I suffered from horrible neck pain and headache for next two days =_=

And as always I hope you enjoyed this post and I will try to post again soon! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ


  1. Ładne teraz masz końcówki^^ Nie myślałam o tym by grzywkę też zafarbować? DObrze by Ci tak było:)

  2. Możesz mięć 2 wyjścia- albo kupić sobie perukę normalnych włosów, ze swoimi eksperymentować, albo zwariowaną perukę kupić (np. blond i przerobić fajnie) bądź gotową ekstremalną:) Ewentualnie kup grzywkę kolorową clip in i doczepiaj;)