Sunday, 11 December 2011

Crazy cookie mix part 2

Following from last post~

Then last weekend I stayed at uni (at my friend's place) to go for a night out / gig. The band playing was The Blanks (Ted's band from Scrubs), however I don't remember the gig at all xD Started drinking an hour or two before leaving and me being me just drank everything too fast and after maybe 3 drinks my weak brain started wobbling the world~ xD I didnt drink any more till we left but it was just getting worse and worse /couldn't get up at all/, so I was pretty much carried to the venue xD (and I can barely remember the journey), when we went in the gig has already started. Next there is a large gap in my mind filled with bits of music and the band came off. Steph was constantly giving me water and as we were waiting for the club part of the night to be set up my mind started clearing a bit~ we started drinking again xD I was fine afterwards thought, I kept drinking but I didn't feel bad any more, just fun~ 

with Tika <3 absolutely love my scousewife~ xD 

Steph, me and Tika

Tika, me and Chrissie~

And so the night went on, just dancing, drinking and dancing till 1 or 2 am when we decided we're all super tired and headed back to the house~ Thought I ended up not sleeping almost all night cause I was drinking mostly jaggerbombs and definitively overdosed on the caffeine xD I was just shaking uncontrollably for most of the time plus a horrible hangover in the morning >__< ...and then I had to head back to the library and finish my assignments, lovely~  ...would totally do it again thought xD maybe just slow down on the drinks xD

Next was Cube this Monday, I didn't have a ticket but decided to come and visit as a load of friends I didn't see in ages were gonna go~
outfit~ those boots died on me now xD but got awesome new ones~ 
super cute panda shirt from F21 ( yep, again, officially in love with that shop) 

I wanted to meet people quite early that day, but I had to go into uni first to hand in an assignment, took a bus from campus to Edgware and  I managed to get to Brixton by 2pm (or was it 3?)
The crowd was quite astonishing, people people PEOPLE, really kpop beats our little jrock fandom x__x
but saw so many people I didn't see in aaaaages, had loads of fun and run from passing cars half of the time xD Once everyone the doors opened (5:30!! o__o) and everyone went in, our small visitor group moved over to the local Nando's and spent the next (many) hours in there chatting xD

with Gigi~ lol we both had awkward faces x___x 

RayRay!! Forever miss your face >3< 

and omg Lita-chan! haven't seen her in almost 2 years! (came all the way from Poland for Cube! +o+)

didn't manage to get a photo with everybody unfortunately ;3;
but Jazz (havent seen in like a year!), Ray, Ellie (few months), Gigi and Racheal  

and Lita again~ but messed up the settings on my camera and it failed >3< 

so many people that never ended up on camera =__= in fact most of the post queue nando's group xD since they arrived when it already got dark, and I hate photos with no sun >_< 
Superbly enjoyed my day thought~ 

And yesterday (omg I'm up to date and on with it! ;__;) was Nana-chan's bday!!! 

happy birthday my forever little daughter~ 
(its a red panda cupcake! <sobbing>) 

As the event was only gonna start at 6pm i took the whole day... doing nothing xD Since my train stop was close to Faye's home arranged to meet her at the station and take the bus to Nana together. Ofc as I predicted Faye cant ever make it on time so I walked to her house to find her still with a towel on her head =__= an hour after that and a crazy creep bus encounter we reached Nana's place. Was a bit strange at first since there was a lot of people I didn't know (school friends and such), but soon it became quite fun~ more chilling, eating crisp, cupcakes, sweets and talking~ 

just look at those! /amazing/ 

someone made a pinata octopus! but it was too soft and Nana could only make dents xD so we had to rip it into pieces to get the sweats out~ it was fun~ 

Lily pinata head! xD 

I was staying at Nana's since getting home so late would be impossible, so once everyone left (past 11 pm xD) we headed to her crazy room (in the attic up crazy steep stairs x__x), and talked about everything till 3 or 4 am. lots of fun~ woke up at 10, got some amazing cinnamon roles someone brought over yesterday and... chatted more ofc and finally headed home~ 
and here I am /tired/ 
just wanna sleep forever but more assignments to work on tomorrow >__< last week in uni before holidays! o__o where did all this time go @_@

That's it for today~ Will try to post some reviews or hauls soon, but really have no time ;___;
Hope you enjoyed~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

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