Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Hello! I have been considering making a new blog for a while, I had a few in the past but due to busy schedule always gave up after some time! But I will try my best to keep it alive! haha... easy to say now, when it's summer holidays and I'm bored xD once uni starts again it won't be so pretty <cough> Fighting~! xD

Oh my~ oh my~ what should I write? maybe some more about me.... haha xD
My name is Magda, or online - Freya ^_^ I am 19 (omg 20 very soon! o__O), and I have been living in UK for the past 4 years~  I am 170 cm an my favourite colours are pink and purple! (can u tell xP).

I have been interested in Japan for about 7 years now~ I do in fact understand a lot of japanese, but my grammar is so poor I have a hard time making a proper sentence xD
For a year or so, I've been into gyaru, and it is the main inspiration of my style~ but I am always slightly hesitant to describe myself as a gal, and many will probably say I'm not~ just cause I don't want to follow certain rules~ in my style I want be myself, the way I like it most, and how I feel the most comfortable ^__^ well it's up to you to decide xP
on other things~ I love drama's - japanese, korean and taiwanese, and I do spend an unhealthy amount of time watching those xD same with watching anime~ here it seems appropriate to mention;  I collect anime figures... and spend way too much on it xD
Spending seems to be a major problem of mine... my student loan tends to disappear within a very short period of time xD

Also I am obsessed with taking photo's and such, so expect here tons of those~ make-up looks, shopping hauls, figure reviews, just my times out with friends, and. more~ hope u enjoy ^__^

Damn I'm doing the usual thing again <talk, talk, talk> it never ends...  you will surely get to know a lot more about me in future posts xP  I will try to make a proper post soon! ^_^ See you!!

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  1. Looking forward to your blog post, I feel your blog's will be very interesting.