Friday, 9 September 2011

Gigi's birthday ~

For some reason I keep putting of this post~ I had so much time since saturday but still nothing >_< Gotta get to it thought before I forget all @_@ Just gonna keep it short~ xD
So yes, last saturday I went to London to celebrate Gigi's birthday~ the youngest member of our group!

look for the day~
as you can see my hair was faded already (2 washes) but I didn't want to dye it again yet (plus I didn't have the time)


As usual I arrived first and started panicking cause we didn't specify an exact spot other than Leicester Square station... that place is huge with god knows how many exits xD plus it was super packed with people x_x but soon I managed to find Dayle, and Gigi afterwards~ After over an hour of wait Nana and Faye joined us, and we went towards Japan Centre to grab something to eat (I was pretty much starving at this point xD). Spent a long time in Starbucks, until Ellie and Eilish joined us ^_^

our fam~ before the last late comers joined us ^_^ 
I was really bad with photos that day so not much xD 

we all headed for the purikura machine~ it's been so long since I've been there! xD
decoration fail~ 
all very cute thought xP

and some instant photo's I took in and just outside of China Market where the purikura machines are~
with the birthday girl! 
eh the flash killed us xD but I still like it~

with my daughter Nana-chan~ ^_^
best photo ever xD it looks like a stalker pic, the lady in the back is more in focus and we seem photoshoped in XD 

After purikura we wanted to go eat, but some people decided to leave and in the end we just got some bubble tea and headed home~ Summarizing... awesome day! I love my unicorns the most~ xD 

On a different note I got a job!! Yes it's voluntary work and I don't get paid a penny, but I'm super excited xD I will be working in a pharmacy for two weeks~ (so just until I get back to uni) That's always something nice to put on my CV, the work section was freaking empty before xD 

Well, that's all for today! Next will probably be Thames festival, I'm going this sunday ^_^
Hope you enjoyed~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

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