Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bubbi Brushes!

Hello, Hello~ This whole post with be dedicated to Bubbi Brushes! Received my set on Monday (12th), I placed my order on the 29th August and it was sent out 3rd September. So just over a week for the package to reach my doorstep~ 

here they are~ still in the wrap it came in, a pretty purple bag thingie~ 

and out!
omg, I was soooo excited! All the brushes are extremely soft but dense. The bristles are synthetic. 
The set cost £30, which gives £5 per brush (individual brushes are £5-10 on the website)
I must say that is very affordable for good quality brushes, price pretty similar to the Sigma brushes. 

So let's get closer to each brush separately~ 

Powder Brush
As the name suggests, the perfect brush for powder~
It's pretty big and very dense. The bristle are extremely soft (I can't stop touching it! *o*). It grabs the powder very well, giving a flawless finish~

the logo is so cute~ 

Dual Cover Brush
double sided brush~ with a end for foundation and concealer~ 
it's amazing!
I never used a brush for foundation before, but I'm not going back to finger application ever again~ Foundation stays on so much better, and dark circles are finally properly covered!
Flawless coverage, no streaks! 

I washed the brush a few times (cause dried up foundation is just disgusting) and unfortunately the logo rubbed away >_< it's still slightly visible, but it annoyed me a bit~ >3< 

close up on both ends~
yet again, the bristles are soft, but well packed, giving maximum coverage~ 

concealer end~
the size allows to easily reach any place, blends everything perfectly~ 

Dual Eyes Brush
another double sided brush! I really love those, cause you save cost and space. but I really don't want to store them like the others in a container, cause one side will get dirty / squashed.
Both the ends were perfectly white but I used it so they are brown now xD

smaller end
perfect for applying colour on the crease and adding definition.
I love it!
it's super dense, so it applies colour with just one sweep~ 

eye-shadow / blending end
I have very small eyelid space so it's a bit big for precise shadow application, but good for a quick wash of colour, works amazing for blending and highlighting 

Angled Liner Brush
It's good for applying colour, eyeliner style, giving a softer look. Can also be used on lower lash line or eyebrows (which I haven't tested yet). I'm not so sure it could be used for gel eyeliner if you want a crisp and sharp look cause it seems a bit too large, but I would need to try it out, to judge xD

Multi Retractable Brush
The Wonder Brush! xD
no seriously, it's amazing!
just look at it~ just the design is enough to buy it xD A perfect travel brush~

The lid comes off, and you find a retractable red piece that holds the bristles together. 

If you fold it all the way down, you get a great powder or blush brush. It's about half the size of the powder brush. 

and the best part~ you can adjust the red part to make it into a dense contouring brush! how multifunctional!

And that's all the brushes I have~ I really wanted the HD Flawless brush, but the dual cover brush is working so well I'm not sure if I need it xD 
Anyway, those get 5 stars from me! and I would recommend them to anyone, especially if you can't afford expensive brushes. All available from bubzbeaty's shop~  

Hope you enjoyed~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ


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  2. ohh thanks for the effort reviewing and showing the bubbibrushes!! I am really interested in them since I like bubz for a long time now.
    I like ur blog! ^-^