Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Thames Festival

Uhh with work everyday from 9 am I find it really hard to get to writing a proper post now >< but I want to~ xD Yet again I think telling the story through photos will work best xD
So this time about Thames festival, which took place the weekend 11-12th September. Honestly we all went mostly for the Korean section xD and were not let down ~^__^~ 

wearing my new black lenses (review soon) and hair re dyed again~  it's time for my roots thought xD
(I hate how small "large" photo size is, but "X-Large" is too big, anyone knows how to get around this?)

For a start we met 1pm at Westminster, which failed as there was only 3 of us for an hour or more, once Nana finally arrived we decided to move on and meet any more people later. And in fact once we came up to London Eye we met Gayle (kyaaaa! I haven't seen my lovely sister for good 5 months! since she was in Japan, Spain and forever working xD). I really didn't understand the concept of this festival... and never did in the end xD There wasn't anything particularly interesting as we walked along the Thames (maybe except those freaking weird paper bag hats so many people wore o_O, and countless food stalls, if that interests you~).

and here we are, walking forever~ xD

But after a looong time, and countless stops, we finally reached the Korean section xD
It wasn't anything big but we were satisfied~ fist thing was a stall with some Cube merch, for very low prices (I don't really care, but Racheal was spazzing xD), next to it was Karaoke/Norebang. Popular Kpop songs were playing in the back as we inspected the various attractions.

there were quite a few of those life size, idol cut-outs, which have proven to be very popular

Big Bang, looking absolutely stunning

what the heck is wrong with my posing xD
but 2NE1 is amazing! 

yeah spazzing over GD and looking totally awkward xD

Racheal with the girls~ xP

Nana and Racheal enjoying B2ST

Nana looking like the 6th member of Big Bang xD 
and Faye joined us!! 

4 minute with the blue princess Fia~ 

har har a massive ball for everyone to sign xD

managed to snap a photo with Gayle, in the horrible wind xD 

this... thing!
it was soooo freaking cute xD xD we were extremely excited <cute overload> 
there was a tiny stall next to it with plush animals! not only a Yoohoo! We were standing there forever trying to decided what to get~ The key chains were only £2! =O 

And this is my one:
yes, it's the orignal character xD I couldn't resist him, was also considering getting the super cute flying squirrel. His name is Okabe (or Rin-chan!)
 I got Nana a penguin, and I can't remember what Faye had >< (why didn't I take any photo's there? o_o)

but with the key chain everyone got a phone charm free! =O
he is also a screen cleaner! xD attached it to my camera, since I already have a phone charm.
It's pink so it should probably be a girl xD Let's name it Ruka-chan (Rukako)

After leaving the Korean section we decided it's very much time to eat xD Therefore we walked up to Waterloo and took a bus back to out usual spot - Leicester Square ^^ We were headed for a Korean restaurant but it was closed for another hour so chose Chinese instead~ Afterwards (when the rain was pouring like crazy all of sudden) some headed home, and in a smaller group we went for purikura! (every week now! ) We spent over an hour if not two there xD It's just so much fun... and we are so bad at decorating (~^∀^~)

Inside the machine! With the forever awesome music xD

hahaha, Racheal totally not aware that I'm taking a photo xD

squashing in the frame~ 

now let's decorate! Fayle and Nana take on the mission~

Work hard Art students! xD 

and the result~ 
those girls are always so creative xD

and some polaroid photo's to finish off~
with sister Racheal~

with my bf, Dayle <3

and reunited after months, Gayle~
and she is going off far to uni now ;___;

Well I thoroughly enjoyed this day~ We are rolling out again this weekend for Japan Matsuri~

Hope you enjoyed! I have some more small posts coming up soon! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

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  1. aw!! i proper miss days like this in london! your stickers are adorable , as usual ^^ and \i freaking LOVE the keyring / phone charm *___*