Thursday, 1 September 2011

Oh dear~ Every day I wanna make a post but something comes up, I'm busy all day and have no time >_< I'm currently looking for a work experience in a pharmacy, to help me with getting my work placement next year, but no luck so far >< continue tomorrow~ ofc my printer had to die on me in the middle of printing my CV XD

But what I wanted to write about is Sunday's outing to London~ On thursday (25th) it's been 6 months that I'm with my bf~ (how did this time go so fast!! o_O), it was raining that day and I was feeling sick, so decided to move it to Sunday (since there was a plan for the evening already~)

So my look for the day~
excuse my super flat hair xD it wasn't cooperating, to balance it out my take on the Mode hair scarf thing~ 

and my outfit~ also Mode inspired, my sweater really should be shorter thought, it was cutting off my legs
I wanna wear maxi all the time now xD it's just soooo comfy xD 

Caught by the sudden rain we run into Japan centre where I got new Jelly and some melon pan (it's on sale for 99p now cause of the 35th anniversary!) 
first time getting Jelly~ I've been slowly getting into Mode lately, I kinda feel with reaching 20 I should become a bit more mature, also with my style~
but Mana's show probably also influenced me xD check out kawaii dotto I~ it's great ^__^

Once we got out of Japan Centre, the rain was gone and didn't come back all day (thought it was a bit windy and cloudy at times), so we headed to St. James park and spend there all day before the cinema.

Also I got my late bday/anniversary(?) gift ^__^ 
a panda! haha I love pandas, this one is quite the regular size(a bit bigger than a book maybe?) I want a whole pyramid from small to huge~ xD 

Evangelion! kyaa~ I bought 1.11 on Hyper and was going to get this one soon ^__^ now just waiting for them to finally get the 3rd part out ^_^

And the final is the main event xD going to cinema to see Inbetweeners movie! 

Getting to Angel was quite a pain, since Nothern line was closed, but by pure luck we met Nana at King's Cross and we took the bus together ^_^ waited for a bit for everyone to arrive and went in... to find out there are only 4 seats left in the front row (note there was 6 of us). What to do next? Decided to leave the cinema and search for another screening somewhere close. Chose Camden and somehow managed to get in on time xD the cinema turned out to be tiny and uncomfortable and we were sat in the front row xD Didn't really bother me thought~ once the movie started I completely forgot about our position~
I heard some mixed comments on the movie, but I loved it! It was great, epic and amazing! yeah it was extremely stupid and ridiculous but that's exactly what this series is about~ (and I watched the whole 3 seasons the week before). It was very funny, slightly disturbing at times (with more nakedness than I expected) but extremely enjoyable~  
Afterwards we headed quickly to McD's and home (well me and Alex, I know the rest spend there good 2 hours talking xD shame I don't live in London and have to always hurry for the train >_<). I need more time with my unicorns! and people are going back to school or leaving for uni now, omg I miss everyone already! >o<  

And that's about it for today~ A bit hurried cause I wanna go sleep and I'm busy again tomorrow xD
Hope you enjoyed (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

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