Thursday, 8 September 2011


OMG! My packages finally arrived! (thought not all yet) There hasn't been any post arriving to my house in a whole week, so I was getting a bit annoyed~ but finally today the post man arrived with a load of boxes and packages xD And here they are~

 the box was humongous xD ...and mostly empty inside, why you give me such a huge box! xD  

The two girls on the left came from the box, I got Miku last week, but she wanted to be in the photo xD
I wanna get all the MKR dolls~ Hikaru is the easiest to get, my fav Umi being the hardest unfortunately
If you are interested I posted more photos here

other two small packages included these~

and the most exciting one...
I got 3 pairs! well I ordered 2; one for me and one for Michelle for our cosplay, and they send me a 3rd pair extra! ^__^ 

here are the lenses wrapped
red lenses for Michelle (I wear plano xD)

and my new blue lenses~
it's I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue 15mm
I think I'm gonna open them only next month thought~

the design is quite natural, with no ring, but the colour looked very strong on all the photo's I found~

and my extra pair~
EOS GBK 2 Black
I was actually planning on getting those lenses soon! I'm so excited! I wanted a black pair for ages~
gonna open them and wear this weekend, I hope it blend with my colour nice ^^
They are 14.5 mm 

and close up on the design~ 

also pinky paradise has new lens cases now, replacing the old animal cases~
they aren't as cute, but the design is small and compact

it comes apart like this~ 
cool, huh? 

they also added the awesome hair grip thing that everyone has now days and some super cool looking eye-masks, forgot to take photos thought~
Well that's it for now! I will post more photo's once I try the lenses~

Hope you enjoyed~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

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