Sunday, 4 September 2011

Body Shop

So I went to town on thursday and decided to go into body shop since I wanted to get their new bronzer for a while~ and here it is~

it's from the Honey Bronze collection and I got in shade 02, fair matte
They only have 3 colours and all of them look quite light so I asked the lady working there which one should I get, and no.2 was the answer~ it blends super nice and is light, but I can barely see it, maybe 03 would be a better choice after all... want to try it out a bit more first thought~

they had a lot of different promotions on that day, once of which was "spend £19 and get a free gift worth £21" yeah I'm a sucker for such things and I lost right away xD to go up to 19 (the bronzer was £13) I got the  Vitamin E cream cleanser, I already had the mini size and I love it~ It cleans my face super well, leaving it soft, moisturised and smelling nice~ 

and here is my free gift~ mascara, black pencil liner and make-up remover
I tried their make-up remover before and hate it; works same as water + stings eyes horribly ><
but I wanted to try out a new mascara and a spare eyeliner is always good xD haven't tried them yet but my mum used the mascara and it was really nice~ we usually use the volumizing ones with huge, thick brushes, this one is very thin and long, therefore good for length. It gave her long and define lashes with good separation, but little volume, depends what look you like really~

And lastly there was 30% off on your purchase... if you have the body shop card, which I don't have. So I got it and the 30% covered it's cost xD
here it is~
it does cost £5, so it's best to get it when a sale is on, but it's really a great investment if you buy often at body shop! it gives you 10% off every time plus with each purchase they stamp it and you get free gifts! pretty cool~

on another make-up note~ Bubzbeauty finally released her brushes! They are available in her shop~
I really don't have any good brushes, most of the time I use my fingers + crappy ebay brushes, so I was extremely excited for this, they are supposed to be high quality but affordable prices~

I ordered the Basic Set
It includes a powder brush, multi retractable brush, dual cover brush, dual eyes brush and an angled liner.
I'm super excited to get them xD For some reason I was sure the set includes the HD flawless brush... but it doesn't >_< I might order it next time if I'm satisfied with those brushes~ 

Hope you enjoyed~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

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