Monday, 1 August 2011

Hyper Japan and birthday~

Omg late, late! I haven’t posted in waaay too long (/≧o≦)/ but with my nan here and a lot of things happening I really had no time (・,・) now I’m so behind, and have so much to write, I don’t know where to start XD
For this post my bday weekend xD (that is 23rd/24th)
OMG I’M 20 NOW!!! (॓[]॔) <dies>

Starting with HYPER, which took place in London last weekend, I went on the Saturday~ 

mah face~ xD decided to follow the no-heat challenge for my hair xD so this is my totally natural hair~ air dried (^▽^*)ノ and horrible roots (  ̄っ ̄) ... but got them done last Tuesday ( ゚▽゚) also my fringe is looking less awkward now xD it still has its bad moments but it's growing okay xD 

and outfit of the day~ the temperature is pretty good, but it was really windy, also wore a long cream cardigan~ (but it was sooo hot inside the venue)
...i need to clean that mirror xD

Decided to meet people at 12:30, expecting to get in around 1pm, look around and see the Kanon gig at 2pm. Didn't really work out like that... The last edition of Hyper in October, was quite small and having the tickets, we got in under 30 minutes (thought the queue for people with no tickets was quite longer). This time the venue was muuuuch bigger, and the tickets sold out o__o turned out it was also oversold and the queue was barely moving as they were fighting the mass of people~ And so we stood in the queue fooorever (thankfully joined some friends already in it xD or would have taken even longer), and managed to get in exactly point 2pm and ruuun for Kanon’s show ^___^ we were all really concerned we’d juuust miss it, but made it perfectly xD 

the queuing crew~ thanks god Faye and Nana were there a bit earlier or we would be standing for a good hour longer XD 

Kanon <3


close-up later, during the signing sessions, we reached it just when she was leaving XD

Really enjoyed the show but I stood at the back and didn’t see that well(¬ ∆ ¬) really brought back memories... haven’t listened to her in a while xD but I adore her voice, and she's soooo cute <3
Afterwards we managed to join with some people that came earlier and started going around, must say this place was huuuge~ really proper (~^∀^~)   

the first Japan Centre stall~
wanted to get eeeeverything XD
I have the Kobato calendar, completely forgot to go back for it on the day and had to ask a friend to get it for me on sunday xD still need to get it back (=^・ω・^)゙

a whole wall of awesome art prints  (*゜▽゜)ノノ゛☆

Amazing things everywhere, didn’t know where to turn xD
Walked around forever trying to see everything xD also saw Kanon later up close as she was signing ^^
not really much to write apart for – it was super fun ^_^ in fact I enjoyed it more than Expo, since I have been going to that for years~ it felt different and new and I loved every moment (well maybe not so much the queuing, but it was still fun with everyone xD) 

with Faye and Anna~ hair/face looking progressively more horrid with the day xD ...standard  (¬ 3 ¬) 

and with a large chunk of our group xD haha everyone looks sooo cool in those sunglasses…(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ* they were giving them away  (~^∀^~)

Afterwards we went to eat... and walked forever to find any place, thanks to Fia’s amazing sense of direction xD Ended up in Pizza Hut... as it was the first thing we saw <starving>  and then we had a cake! (which Fia brought <3) 

and my awesome loot for the day~ there was a stall with £3 Tokyopop manga <3 would get even more if I wasn't stopped (#'ε´#)  xD also got my hands on the new volume of Kabato <3 and finally got Kamikaze Girls cheap, love that movie xD 

Spend the actual bday day with my boyfriend~ went to his place and watched Evangelion 1.11 (again for me xD thought I realized a forgot a lot already), didn’t have enough time to watch the second one ( ´ω`)  (which is the most epic movie eeeeever! need to get a DVD copy). Went back to central to eat at Wetherspoon, took aaaages thought~ cause Dayle is a lazy biatch and lives in the middle of nowhere xD also had a panic attack on the way there, after being attacked by some mental flies (*´Д`)  Random fun times~ not much to write xD

But yeah that was an awesome, awesome, awesome birthday weekend (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*  Thanks to all my amazing UNICRORNS~

and some of my epic bday presents~ 
Yui and Mugi from Yik <3 already have Azusa, so only missing Mio and Ritsu now

epic nail art wheels from Michelle <3 <3 sooo epic (~^∀^~) really need to get on with some designs xD been super lazy lately ( ´ω`)

and omg omg~ from Nana-chan, something you will only understand if you are a Kobato fan, its aaaamazing, I'm totally in love *o* xD

roses from my parents xD I get roses every year  ( ゚ ヮ゚)  I'm totally obsessed with flowers xD in spring I can't get anywhere cause I keep stopping to take photos of flowers or just look at them~ (*゜▽゜)ノノ゛

<3 <3 I took way to many photos of them xD 

and this lovely bouquet from my aunt, the colours are amazing~ *O*

and as the best bday present ever (from myself xD) I found a package on my doorstep with....

the original Hatsune Miku GSC figure!! <dies> omg omg omg this figure was my dream since day one of my collecting *o* the most beautiful thing ever~ and she got a re-release now, and its mine MIIIIINE ( *▽*) 

finally parents gave me money to get myself a digital camera (I want one to carry around with me everyday since my SLR isn't very portable xD), and choose this~ Panasonic Lumix FS16 in pink~ 
still need to order it xD but I'm pretty much decided.

That's it for today xD I have lots more to write~ so hopefully a new post soon! Look forward to it 

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