Friday, 26 August 2011


Just a random little post~
Some of you might already know I am planning to cosplay on the coming Expo in October. I cosplayed maybe twice in the past (thought only one can be called a proper cosplay I'd think~)

Anyway I am cosplaying as Vocaloid Miku in Matryoshka

and a fanart I love~
so yes I an the blue hair one and Michelle will be Gumi (green~) 

It seems like quite a straightforward costume, but it proved to be more challenging than expected so far xD but I finally got the jacket/sweatshirt
haha in pjs xD 
pretty decent~ was super hard to find something matching the original art >< got the adidas logo on back front but I can live with that I think xD 

Ordered new contacts since my Blue Wings are just too small. It's the I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue 15mm, they are quite massive, but should work perfectly for the cosplay~ Now waiting for it to arrive.
Need to get the gloves next~ Michelle suggested leather, but finding cheap ones on ebay is freaking impossible with my tiny hands xD (why are they all M/L! I need a XS/S), probably gonna get riding gloves, since they are cheap and come in all sizes and colours~
The choice with bottom is quite wide, since you can't see it in the video, we were planning with Michelle to both get matching converse in different colour, but not sure how that's working now xD hoping to get blue ones now~ cause I really dont like green and red (which we originally proposed to match the outfit). Probably gonna wear shorts as always, since I don't rly like skirts xD  
Was gonna order the wig soon, but my friend told me she has one and doesn't want it anymore~ So I can buy it muuuch cheaper than ebay~ and it looks pretty good ^__^ 

photo of the wig she sent me~
hope you don't mind me posting it xD 

Going onto next cosplay plans (which knowing life might never happen, or will greatly depend on the success of this one~). I was thinking how to do a cosplay I want and get the chance to re-use the wig, since that's usually the main expense~ aaaand~
Touwa Erio z Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko xD
 I absolutely adoooore her character (thought the anime itself wasn't as good as it could be~), but yes she has long blue hair not twin tails, like the Miku wig. Solution!
In one episode Erio has twintails! gonna do her normal costume, get ribbons for the hair and here it is~ 
I do feel my legs are too fat thought ;___; 

Coming up next~ Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt! haha~ I freaking love this anime 
Stocking is my fav character thought, and I always wanna cosplay her, even thought Panty would be easier~
but then I found this:
omg this cosplay is aaaaamazing! and looking at it I decided... actually I want to do Panty~ would save the wig problem (thought I rly dont see how my hair can be made to be so awesome and anime like~) 

some nice fanart~

and an actual, real image from the series xD
Panty rock~
I also have a few other characters in mind, but that's it for now xD Excuse the total randomness, I felt like putting my thoughts and plans down so I don't forget. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

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