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DECOLOG who's DOLLY Fake Eyelashes Review~

So as I wrote some time ago I ordered a pack of DECOLOG eyelashes, and I received them very recently! I couldn't find any reviews on them as I was considering my purchase, so here it is~ my opinion on them and tons of photos xD

Arrived in this super pretty package~
btw I got them from HERE, cost me about £14 including shipping from Singapore~ 

and the lashes in their full glory~
OMG so pretty! I was dying while opening them xD KYAA~ 

loooovely~ they are sooo long!
I always wear spiky lashes (since my obsession with Sakurina), and I think it just looks best~ 

and finally on~ they are super long but not too much~ it still looks natural (as much as fake lashes can be natural xD) and not too over the top (thought they do look a bit strange without circle lenses)

close up~ I had a bit of a struggle with placement at first, cause the lash band is muuuch longer than my regular lashes
(lenses: Barbie King Size Brown)

and me wearing them again a few days after~
(lol my hair looks like a fluff ball xD) 

close up~
(lenses: geo blue wing)

and just one eye~
top lashes only~ 

plus lower lashes~
(also review on the lower lashes at the bottom!) 

another close-up at a slightly different angle~ 
you can see how full they are~ 

And now I would like to compare them to my normal lashes~ since this is were the biggest difference between japanese and english lashes is~

Miss Eylyre Ava lashlets
This are the only lashes I wore for almost a year now~ (so you can see how they look on any of my previous photos) buuut...they are too short, my eyes are quite wide and getting them from one corner to the other is just impossible, plus as it can be seen they are spiky all the way, therefore it looks slightly unnatural on the inner corner (not to mention super hard to get to stick xD)

and here for comparison my new DECOLOG eyelashes and my old eylure lashes~
as you can see the difference in the lash band length is huuuuge
I dont like to glue my lashes outside of the eye (like many gyaru do), since my eyes are long enough and it just looks freaky xD hovever those fit perfectly, from on corner to the other, no more lashes starting mid way xD
also the DECOLOG lashes are only spiky on the outside giving a nice natural effect~

COMFORT: 8/10 like most eyelashes~ they are very comfortable and light, however since the band is so long I can sometimes feel them at the corners~ with all the eyelashes and lenses on my eyes do feel a bit heavier thought xD but that's normal~
STYLE: 10/10 imo its absolutely perfect, it's a great balance of everything I love in lashes, but this is very subjective, not everyone will like this style as much as I do~
VOLUME / LENGTH: 9/10 as you can see in the photos, they are suuuper long, of course there is a limit to how much volume spiky lashes can give, but it's quite packed and dramatic, the do look very weird without contacts xD 
APPLICATION: 8/10 they are super easy to apply! they have a clear band, which is very flexible and easy to adjust. my only problem is that due to the band length they are bent more around the whole eye and the corners tend to pop for me xD (but I'm usually useless with gluing my inner corners xD), but it is in fact much easier to stick on than my eylure lashes~
PRICE: 9/10 £14 for 5 pairs, that's less than £3 for a pair, amazing! I believe the price for the eylure lashes is £4.95 and this is something muuuuch better imo xD yeah I know you can get much cheaper lashes on ebay... but looking like this?
 DURABILITY: 9/10 I only wore them 2 times so can't be sure yet, but they seem very similar to the eylure lashes, I just pull the glue off and it's perfect (I use DUO dark tone, had problems in the past with other glues not coming off properly and ruining the lashes), I think they should last me quite a while~ but the usual death of my spiky lashes is distortion of the shape after a couple of uses if glue get's accidently stuck onto the hair~

All in all, I'd super recommend them~ I am totally in love and I will try to get my hands on more japanese eyelashes as they are sooo worth the price (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ  Never going back to my old english lashes~

And finally, extra a small review on the lower lashes that I'm also wearing in all photo's above
They are
Eylure Naturalites UNDERLASH no.41
Elish always wears those and they look amazing~ so I decided to finally have a go at bottom lashes and bought 2 packs (since it was buy one get 2nd half price xD) 

They are super long so I cut them in half and used the inner 5 spikes only, to go for a more natural look~ might try the whole band one day if I need more drama xD 
And I do like them a lot~
They really add what I was always missing in my eye make~ 

COMFORT: 9/10 super comfy! can't feel them at all they stay on perfectly (used the glue provided, since I don't own clear glue), since I glue them very close to my lash line they touch my top lashes and it can be a bit annoying when they stick together xD  
STYLE: 9/10 It's a bit hard to judge since I don't have much experience in lower lashes, but I do like the look a lot, and they are well visible but still natural (if that makes any sense xD) 
VOLUME / LENGTH: 5/10 if you use the whole lash they are super long, probably a bit too long for my liking xD  but with it cut, it's perfect~ can't really be talking about volume here, they are well separated as lower lashes should be imo xD 
APPLICATION: 10/10 they were super easy to apply, got it right at the first try~ since the chunk was small I didn't have to bend it or anything, just grabbed it with the tweezers and stuck both ends nicely~
PRICE: 6/10 they are quite pricey, £4.95 a pair is kinda pushing it for me~ but that's UK eyelash prices...
 DURABILITY: 10/10 they do seem very durable! wore them twice and it's perfect, I'm hoping they will stay with me for a long time before I need to grab the second pair~

(note all those are based on wearing only a piece of the lash, if you use the whole band it can be very different)  

really wanna try their lashes no.40
they remind me a lot of some Dolly Wink lashes, look like they could be easily worn with the whole band and look very natural~ 
...couldn't find in my local Boots thought ><

Well~ hope you enjoyed this post xD and see you soon~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

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  1. I just bought this set of lashes! I can't wait to try them out ^^ Have you tried any other lashes from this series? :)

    Just found your blog! Are those blue tips at the end of your hair in our banner or extensions? :O