Wednesday, 24 August 2011


OMG omg! Has it really been so long since I posted!?! o__O I'm soooo sorry, I lost a follower! (*´Д`)  I'm soooorry! I was defeated by my laziness o_O totally~
So much happened in the last month and there is so much to write that I just cant get to it xD and I kinda gave up~ xD I was also getting ready to write a huge post, but then the riots started and I lost all my spirit xD

So what was it, what was it~ u see, my memory is super bad xD I already forgot most of it... 
I've been to 2 gigs! 

First was GACKT with YFC, aaaaages ago xD despite my initial scepticism it was pretty damn awesome! spend the whole day "queuing" with Nana and Lily... thought we actually spend most of the time in coffee shops and around Camden xD I think over the years I came to love the queue more than the gig itself xD but the gig was absolutely epic, managed to get a place in the second row. The place was quite full but the crowd wasnt pushing as badly as at some gigs, so me and Nana had our little dancing space xD Gackt and YFC gave an amazing performance, including all those weird yet epic dances xD I wasn't sure what to think about Jon as the second main vocal, but it worked out surprisingly well~ In the end I thought it was well worth the £50... but I wouldn't pay again xD

with Gigi visiting the queue (left), and Laura at Diru~
oh god my fringe is doing the splitting thing now >< 

To balance out my loss of money for Gackt I got a free ticket for Dir en Grey xD wasn't planning to go at all, but can you say no to a free ticket? xD I wasn't sure if it will work since the riots started that week, but it all ended well~ The gig was pretty good, but I do somehow feel too old for this xD or it's more like I have grown out of this, I'm sure I would consider it totally epicly awesome few years back but now I just don't care for jrock and vk as much, and crazy moshing and jumping doesn't give me as much joy as it used to~
As always I enjoyed my queuing time greatly xD Spend most of the time chatting with Laura, which I didn't see in a while (we only see each other in those queue's! this need to be fixed >3<), but also was happy to see and chat with many people I don't see so often... or see all the time xP
I'm sure I wont be going to Versailles gig, but as it comes out to be a sunday I will definitively come and visit people~

Oh and as you can see on the photos I finally got my hair dip dyed BLUE! yay~ I'm super happy with it (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ even thought the colour fades and washes out super quick and I have an urge to re-dye it every two washes xD 

I tend to wear my hair in a bun almost every single day xD so much easier~ 
photo from the day of the first exhibition visit

On other things I have been to see the Murakami exhibition (like years ago now...), which was aaaamzing, but also extremely awkward xD In the end I went to see it two times~! I was planning to have a separate post on this one, but it died along the way~ I will make an attempt soon xD 

my favourite piece of the exhibition~ Nurse Ko2
life size figure! omg I want to own her! *o*

What else, what else~ Oh! The day after Dir en Grey I went to my friends bday party~ yeah I was pretty much dying, my head was still pounding and much more sleep was required. I felt a bit too old within mostly 17-year old's (looking like they are in mid-twenties o_O what's with those teenagers!), but it was a lot of fun, I soon woke up from my gig hangover and enjoyed it more than I expected to~ ^__^

my eyes were killing me so no lashes/contacts = hideous face xD 
but HAPPY BDAY GEN! hope you enjoyed it~ xD 
yeah my life is so boring I have nothing better to do than edit photos...

On more recent events, I finally went to Thorpe park with a small group of friends last week. I have never been before and was super excited! It was as epic as I have expcted~ can't wait to go again xD (planning a trip with family sometime soon). We met Waterloo 9.30, but somehow only reached Thorpe just before 12 >< need to organise ourselves better next time xD

the 6 of us finally heading in~

As expected spent most of the day queuing xD Went for Colossus first... it was not a good choice at all xD stood good 2 hours in the queue and the ride wasn't that good, and super rough for a first~ >< 
We only cared for roller coasters ^__^ ...thought went for one kiddie ride as well xD the queues were so mental that through most of the day we went on 3 rides... and then on 4 in the last hour before closing, since people were leaving.

with my lovely Nana-chan
my hair was ridiculously frizzy from the rides xD had to braid it later~

Saw The Ride was totally the best ride there! omg it was soooo epic! xD We went twice~ and they have ride filming on that, LOL me and Lily, best faces EVER! xD I always look totally unimpressed... not sure why, but my expression is... no expression, I just can't change my face xD it was sooo hilarious on the video's, I look paralysed and Lily sitting next to me is totally terrified screaming all the way xD 
second best ride is Nemesis Inferno, also got to go twice xD Just wish we had time to also go for Stealth~ next time, next time!
And some random photo's xD
yeah... don't even ask, we just took super close ups of each other faces... but I kinda like it xD

as always in the queue... everyone is looking super retarded xD 
at least the weather was pretty nice~ 

Hope you enjoyed this random ramble~ I promise to post some more randomness soon (maybe even today, cause I have something in mind) 
Also as you can see there is a new blog design and all~ not perfect, let's say it's temporary, need some better photos~

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