Thursday, 14 July 2011

Small sale haul~

Another floral attack coming! xD
Decide to take nan to town centre yesterday, and of course ended up shopping xD there are some epic sales on now, so couldn't miss it xD Planning to go again tomorrow as Republic on top of awesome sale prices is having the 25% off everything offer till the end of the week ^__^

Onto the haul then~
Only bought in two shops in fact so it's not too crazy xD

First Peacocks had 50% off and more!  

Super lovely dress~ only £11! looks much better on but I couldnt be bothered to take a photo xD 


another Maxi dress for my collection xD £12 only~


floral shirt £8

most clothes I in fact share with my mum xD she also got this dress, but red is not my colour so skipped it in the post xD 

and the best get~ tan sandals for only £8!!! =O I've been wanting something like this for aaages, but could never find anything suitable for my wide feet xD they feel very comfy and should fit a lot of outfits, plus the heel isn't too high xD

Now Primark~ (not really sales, but primark prices are better than sale xD)

tan shorts! (or as the label describes - Chino Shorts). found a whole section with shorts in my primark o__o resisted the urge to buy it all, and just grabbed this one xD also wanted brown shorts for a while, only have jeans coloured~ 

and on~ cause you can't really tell how they look lying flat~ (excuse the awkward zippier and tags still on) 
lovely~ <3 

some jewellery ~
the necklace is super long - down to my belly button xD 
skull ring and a cute braclet~
also grabbed another ring but my mum was paying and it must have been left in the bag, since it's not on the receipt >< will get it next time~ 

and forever appropriate in UK - umbrella~ xD I have a leopard print one, but got bored of it so time for a change xD  super cute polka dot <3

and some shoes from primark~ nothing special thought ^^ 
don't usually like this type of shoes but the pattern was super pretty, and they are very comfy, so grabbed a pair since it's cheap xD

I'm not a fan of flip flops at all xD but you never know when you might need a pair~ and blue <3 

this are actually my mums xD but thought I would share~ I wanted them but that plastic always gives me blisters ><" (plus unfortunately shoes are one of the few things we can't share since they sizes don't match xD)

And a quick look into Superdrug~
Have been using Tresemme Hair Masque for a long time~ it's one of my favourite, but it's quite expensive so I always look out for an offer xD It was 2 for £4.99 (which is usually the price for one), so grabbed it without a second thought~
Also run out if nail polish remover xD never used Cutex before, so decided to give it a try~ (my nails have been absolutely horrid and fragile when I was using "elegant touch" >__<)
Was hopping to check out eylure's bottom lashes, cause I love them on Eilish~ but they didn't have them, will look into Boots tomorrow ^___^

And that's it for now~ Likely a new post very soon with Republic haul xD 
Hope you enjoyed~  \(^__^)/


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  2. When I move down....I'm leaving alot of clothes behind here lol...
    Epic shopping times?? I believe yes.