Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Picnic! and other things~

Hello, hello~
I have been super lazy with everything lately xD but I have written most of my circle lenses post and it should be here this week (I hope o_o)

I also started working from Monday, it's just two hours in the evening, cleaning offices >< but I really can't get the motivation to look for a proper summer job (my mum found this for me xD she works there as a supervisor). But labour work is really not my thing xD I have zero strength and arms hurt a lot while working xD After those 3 months I will get some proper arm muscles o__o xD 

I went to my hairstylist on Saturday and shown her a picture of Yui and asked to cut my fringe like that (and of course she had to trim my poor ends as well ;__;)... and it was a total disaster >< I walked out very unhappy... see for yourself~


I know, my fringe grows super fast, and the shape is good, so it will be perfect in a few weeks... but atm I didn't even wanna leave the house ><  I'm probably super exaggerating, but I think fringe really affects how your face looks >3< and I can't stand to even look at it xD

Unfortunately had to leave the house the very next day~ (since a photo xD) As I organized a picnic with my dear unicorns (yes, I call my group of friends unicorns xD ... I think it came from Gundam Unicorn... don't ask o_o xD). The weather was... weird xD it was constantly cloudy, and we didn't get to see much sun, but it was pretty warm ^__^ and I think the event was a success~ at least I enjoyed my 6 hours+ of sitting and talking thoroughly~

And some not so successful checki's from the picnic~

Aaaaaand~ Tasha, being super awesome <bows> gave me a whole bag of CLAMP stuff *o* I swear I almost died of happiness when I saw it xD

Huge Chii plushie~ for some reason her hair wasnt' glued properly together so I spent the last 2 days sewing it up xD should just use fabric glue, but I really enjoy sewing, very relaxing~ xD only got half of the back hair left, all front in sewn together ^__^ 

and two mini plushies <3 

whole stack of CLAMP manga

and trading figures!! super impossible to get! decided the packaging is nice, and it would be a shame to destroy it, so they are all in various places on the shelf, attached to the wall using blutack 

haha, this was supposed to be mainly a fashion/gyaru blog... but all I write about is CLAMP xD need to work on it xD will try to balance it out soon xD

ah! actually! more on gyaru~ I ordered DECOLOG Eyelash who's (DOLLY) Eyelashes, can't wait for them!! it wasn't cheap, but not bad comparing to my usual eyelure lashes ^__^

Also my grandma is coming to UK for 3 weeks this Saturday o__o not sure how I'm gonna survive xD I love her tons, but 3 weeks! x__x I probably won't be online as much, to not appear too addicted xD plus my parents are working and brother is in school, so I will have to take care of her, and entertain xD ... wish me luck~

See you soon~ \(^__^)/                                         

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  1. Just let it grow, fringes look freshly cut always a bit funny (had that happend a few times as well) but after a few weeks they start to look awesome ♥ So just wait a little bit longer. Also it still suits you this way! No need to worry.