Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Blue dip dye~

Decided to make a small post on my hair, in case anyone is interested~ xD I love the blue but it is suuuuch a pain~ I had it for 3 weeks now, and dyed the ends 3 times already xD 

this is the dye I use, the colour is Atlantic Blue

first dye~  
wasn't perfect i admit xD  I used 4 hair bands to mark how far I want to have the dye and  applied with a glove~ 

the colour after only 3 washes 
during dying, wrapped the finished parts in tin foil~ parted my hair in 6 parts this time

and pretty blue again~ 

and onto the colour fading/ washing out~ 
new, only rinsed the dye off

1 wash
slightly faded but still blue

2 washes 
light blue, still nice but not vibrant~ 

3 washes
starting to look nasty and uneven, with tints of green everywhere

4 washes
very light green-blue 

and then I dyed it again xD but I seriously think with more washes the colour would be gone completely. My hair just doesn't want to hold any colour. I did it red in the past and within 3 washes it was mostly gone, and soon turned into a darker blonde~ 

I'm a perfectionist and I can't stand it being faded, so I re-dye it every time I go to London xD the dye is nice on your hair thought and it doesn't seem to damage it any further~ after 3  dyes I used up maybe 1/3 or less (as you can see in the photo on top). Will continue doing this for a while...until I get bored (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

3rd time round~ I run out of tinfoil xD got advised on twitter by a few people to use cling film instead~ did a pretty good job I think. this time I did it in tiny sections, going over the previous colour, but it was freaking time consuming xD 

back to perfect, deep blue~ 

eh~ why wont it just stay like this xD

hope you enjoyed~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Princess Mimi (Bambi) Sesame Grey and King Size Barbie Brown Review

So as I promised ages ago, a circle lens post with reviews! Just gonna do my two favourite pairs~ since the others are only 14.0 mm which is becoming history now with bigger and bigger diameters.

King Size Barbie Brown

Brand: EOS 
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Life span: 1 year disposal 

excuse I'm gonna use quite old photo's 
This are the lenses Sakurina promotes and I got them when I was obsessed with her ^_^

Colour / Design: 10/10 I personally adore them. The inner part of my eye is brown so it blends perfectly. They are very similar to Geo Angels, just bigger with a thicker ring (the Super Angel's are even more alike). The thick black ring is my favourite, it's very bold and gives the perfect dolly look. Also the colour is a very true, pretty brown. Nothing I can possibly complain about~ 

Comfort: 10/10 Most of my lenses are very comfortable, but EOS are by far my fav. I can wear them for hours and hours with no discomfort (unless something get's stuck to the surface, then it hurts like a bitch xD). They are also thinner than Geo lenses, allowing more air to get in and preventing dryness. 

Enlargement: 9/10 They are 14.5 mm which is quite big, it gives a dolly effect without looking creepy. (more comparison photos below) 

Overall: 10/10 This are my favourite lenses of all times~ They are super dolly, yet look natural and blend perfectly with my own colour. Will have to get a new pair soon as it's almost a year now. 

Here are some other photo's with this lenses 1, 2, 3, 4

Princess Mimi (Bambi) in Sesame Grey 

Brand: EOS 
Diameter: 15 mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.7 mm
Life span: 1 year disposal 

Everyone's new favourite lenses by Tsubasa~ xD 

slightly odd cause I forgot to use mascara on lower lashes xD only fixed it on the train

Colour / Design: 8/10 The design is quite pretty, with the thick ring and spikes, also there is a gold inner ring allowing a better blend with the natural eye colour. It's also all made of dots that form the colour. The gap inside is quite large, showing a lot of the natural colour. The colour is a very nice light grey, which shows great, even thought the lens on its own looks quite transparent. 

Comfort: 9/10 Similar as with my other Geo lenses, I find them very comfortable but with a tendency to become slightly dry. They are quite thick so they feel a bit "heavier" than EOS lenses. But I wore then for 15 hours straight and except for feeling dry by that time I had no need to take them out. 

Enlargement: 10/10 They are massive! I looks freaky in half of the photo's xD Fist time I wore them I had to pile on a ton of black to balance it out since my lashes weren't dramatic enough xD Thanks to the size they are extremely doll-like. I actually struggled a bit with putting them in at first since they are so big, but it's a matter of practice and getting used to a different style. 

Overall: 8/10 I like them a lot since they give a very dolly look but it's also very fake. They can look quite freaky due to the size. I personally don't think grey suits me very well, it's a bit strange on me~ I prefer warm colours, and I'm considering getting them in brown, but I read that they are quite red and not sure how it will look (or maybe I should finally try green lenses! but I just don't like green in general and always avoid it xD).

And some comparison photo's
Left: Barbie Brown
Right: Princess Mimi 
you can see the size difference here~ 

Left: Barbie Brown
Right: no lens
hahaha, so this is how tiny my iris really is xD without lenses I always look tired and bored >_< 
also my natural colour is described as hazel, they are brown on the inside, but a dirty green on the outside... i just call in poo in the grass xD I real don't like them xD 

Left: Barbie Brown
Right: Geo Blue Wing (14.0 mm)
You can see how much of a different effect a black ring gives~ and the extra 0.5mm ^^

Hope you enjoyed~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

Friday, 26 August 2011


Just a random little post~
Some of you might already know I am planning to cosplay on the coming Expo in October. I cosplayed maybe twice in the past (thought only one can be called a proper cosplay I'd think~)

Anyway I am cosplaying as Vocaloid Miku in Matryoshka

and a fanart I love~
so yes I an the blue hair one and Michelle will be Gumi (green~) 

It seems like quite a straightforward costume, but it proved to be more challenging than expected so far xD but I finally got the jacket/sweatshirt
haha in pjs xD 
pretty decent~ was super hard to find something matching the original art >< got the adidas logo on back front but I can live with that I think xD 

Ordered new contacts since my Blue Wings are just too small. It's the I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue 15mm, they are quite massive, but should work perfectly for the cosplay~ Now waiting for it to arrive.
Need to get the gloves next~ Michelle suggested leather, but finding cheap ones on ebay is freaking impossible with my tiny hands xD (why are they all M/L! I need a XS/S), probably gonna get riding gloves, since they are cheap and come in all sizes and colours~
The choice with bottom is quite wide, since you can't see it in the video, we were planning with Michelle to both get matching converse in different colour, but not sure how that's working now xD hoping to get blue ones now~ cause I really dont like green and red (which we originally proposed to match the outfit). Probably gonna wear shorts as always, since I don't rly like skirts xD  
Was gonna order the wig soon, but my friend told me she has one and doesn't want it anymore~ So I can buy it muuuch cheaper than ebay~ and it looks pretty good ^__^ 

photo of the wig she sent me~
hope you don't mind me posting it xD 

Going onto next cosplay plans (which knowing life might never happen, or will greatly depend on the success of this one~). I was thinking how to do a cosplay I want and get the chance to re-use the wig, since that's usually the main expense~ aaaand~
Touwa Erio z Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko xD
 I absolutely adoooore her character (thought the anime itself wasn't as good as it could be~), but yes she has long blue hair not twin tails, like the Miku wig. Solution!
In one episode Erio has twintails! gonna do her normal costume, get ribbons for the hair and here it is~ 
I do feel my legs are too fat thought ;___; 

Coming up next~ Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt! haha~ I freaking love this anime 
Stocking is my fav character thought, and I always wanna cosplay her, even thought Panty would be easier~
but then I found this:
omg this cosplay is aaaaamazing! and looking at it I decided... actually I want to do Panty~ would save the wig problem (thought I rly dont see how my hair can be made to be so awesome and anime like~) 

some nice fanart~

and an actual, real image from the series xD
Panty rock~
I also have a few other characters in mind, but that's it for now xD Excuse the total randomness, I felt like putting my thoughts and plans down so I don't forget. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


OMG omg! Has it really been so long since I posted!?! o__O I'm soooo sorry, I lost a follower! (*´Д`)  I'm soooorry! I was defeated by my laziness o_O totally~
So much happened in the last month and there is so much to write that I just cant get to it xD and I kinda gave up~ xD I was also getting ready to write a huge post, but then the riots started and I lost all my spirit xD

So what was it, what was it~ u see, my memory is super bad xD I already forgot most of it... 
I've been to 2 gigs! 

First was GACKT with YFC, aaaaages ago xD despite my initial scepticism it was pretty damn awesome! spend the whole day "queuing" with Nana and Lily... thought we actually spend most of the time in coffee shops and around Camden xD I think over the years I came to love the queue more than the gig itself xD but the gig was absolutely epic, managed to get a place in the second row. The place was quite full but the crowd wasnt pushing as badly as at some gigs, so me and Nana had our little dancing space xD Gackt and YFC gave an amazing performance, including all those weird yet epic dances xD I wasn't sure what to think about Jon as the second main vocal, but it worked out surprisingly well~ In the end I thought it was well worth the £50... but I wouldn't pay again xD

with Gigi visiting the queue (left), and Laura at Diru~
oh god my fringe is doing the splitting thing now >< 

To balance out my loss of money for Gackt I got a free ticket for Dir en Grey xD wasn't planning to go at all, but can you say no to a free ticket? xD I wasn't sure if it will work since the riots started that week, but it all ended well~ The gig was pretty good, but I do somehow feel too old for this xD or it's more like I have grown out of this, I'm sure I would consider it totally epicly awesome few years back but now I just don't care for jrock and vk as much, and crazy moshing and jumping doesn't give me as much joy as it used to~
As always I enjoyed my queuing time greatly xD Spend most of the time chatting with Laura, which I didn't see in a while (we only see each other in those queue's! this need to be fixed >3<), but also was happy to see and chat with many people I don't see so often... or see all the time xP
I'm sure I wont be going to Versailles gig, but as it comes out to be a sunday I will definitively come and visit people~

Oh and as you can see on the photos I finally got my hair dip dyed BLUE! yay~ I'm super happy with it (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ even thought the colour fades and washes out super quick and I have an urge to re-dye it every two washes xD 

I tend to wear my hair in a bun almost every single day xD so much easier~ 
photo from the day of the first exhibition visit

On other things I have been to see the Murakami exhibition (like years ago now...), which was aaaamzing, but also extremely awkward xD In the end I went to see it two times~! I was planning to have a separate post on this one, but it died along the way~ I will make an attempt soon xD 

my favourite piece of the exhibition~ Nurse Ko2
life size figure! omg I want to own her! *o*

What else, what else~ Oh! The day after Dir en Grey I went to my friends bday party~ yeah I was pretty much dying, my head was still pounding and much more sleep was required. I felt a bit too old within mostly 17-year old's (looking like they are in mid-twenties o_O what's with those teenagers!), but it was a lot of fun, I soon woke up from my gig hangover and enjoyed it more than I expected to~ ^__^

my eyes were killing me so no lashes/contacts = hideous face xD 
but HAPPY BDAY GEN! hope you enjoyed it~ xD 
yeah my life is so boring I have nothing better to do than edit photos...

On more recent events, I finally went to Thorpe park with a small group of friends last week. I have never been before and was super excited! It was as epic as I have expcted~ can't wait to go again xD (planning a trip with family sometime soon). We met Waterloo 9.30, but somehow only reached Thorpe just before 12 >< need to organise ourselves better next time xD

the 6 of us finally heading in~

As expected spent most of the day queuing xD Went for Colossus first... it was not a good choice at all xD stood good 2 hours in the queue and the ride wasn't that good, and super rough for a first~ >< 
We only cared for roller coasters ^__^ ...thought went for one kiddie ride as well xD the queues were so mental that through most of the day we went on 3 rides... and then on 4 in the last hour before closing, since people were leaving.

with my lovely Nana-chan
my hair was ridiculously frizzy from the rides xD had to braid it later~

Saw The Ride was totally the best ride there! omg it was soooo epic! xD We went twice~ and they have ride filming on that, LOL me and Lily, best faces EVER! xD I always look totally unimpressed... not sure why, but my expression is... no expression, I just can't change my face xD it was sooo hilarious on the video's, I look paralysed and Lily sitting next to me is totally terrified screaming all the way xD 
second best ride is Nemesis Inferno, also got to go twice xD Just wish we had time to also go for Stealth~ next time, next time!
And some random photo's xD
yeah... don't even ask, we just took super close ups of each other faces... but I kinda like it xD

as always in the queue... everyone is looking super retarded xD 
at least the weather was pretty nice~ 

Hope you enjoyed this random ramble~ I promise to post some more randomness soon (maybe even today, cause I have something in mind) 
Also as you can see there is a new blog design and all~ not perfect, let's say it's temporary, need some better photos~

Saturday, 6 August 2011

DECOLOG who's DOLLY Fake Eyelashes Review~

So as I wrote some time ago I ordered a pack of DECOLOG eyelashes, and I received them very recently! I couldn't find any reviews on them as I was considering my purchase, so here it is~ my opinion on them and tons of photos xD

Arrived in this super pretty package~
btw I got them from HERE, cost me about £14 including shipping from Singapore~ 

and the lashes in their full glory~
OMG so pretty! I was dying while opening them xD KYAA~ 

loooovely~ they are sooo long!
I always wear spiky lashes (since my obsession with Sakurina), and I think it just looks best~ 

and finally on~ they are super long but not too much~ it still looks natural (as much as fake lashes can be natural xD) and not too over the top (thought they do look a bit strange without circle lenses)

close up~ I had a bit of a struggle with placement at first, cause the lash band is muuuch longer than my regular lashes
(lenses: Barbie King Size Brown)

and me wearing them again a few days after~
(lol my hair looks like a fluff ball xD) 

close up~
(lenses: geo blue wing)

and just one eye~
top lashes only~ 

plus lower lashes~
(also review on the lower lashes at the bottom!) 

another close-up at a slightly different angle~ 
you can see how full they are~ 

And now I would like to compare them to my normal lashes~ since this is were the biggest difference between japanese and english lashes is~

Miss Eylyre Ava lashlets
This are the only lashes I wore for almost a year now~ (so you can see how they look on any of my previous photos) buuut...they are too short, my eyes are quite wide and getting them from one corner to the other is just impossible, plus as it can be seen they are spiky all the way, therefore it looks slightly unnatural on the inner corner (not to mention super hard to get to stick xD)

and here for comparison my new DECOLOG eyelashes and my old eylure lashes~
as you can see the difference in the lash band length is huuuuge
I dont like to glue my lashes outside of the eye (like many gyaru do), since my eyes are long enough and it just looks freaky xD hovever those fit perfectly, from on corner to the other, no more lashes starting mid way xD
also the DECOLOG lashes are only spiky on the outside giving a nice natural effect~

COMFORT: 8/10 like most eyelashes~ they are very comfortable and light, however since the band is so long I can sometimes feel them at the corners~ with all the eyelashes and lenses on my eyes do feel a bit heavier thought xD but that's normal~
STYLE: 10/10 imo its absolutely perfect, it's a great balance of everything I love in lashes, but this is very subjective, not everyone will like this style as much as I do~
VOLUME / LENGTH: 9/10 as you can see in the photos, they are suuuper long, of course there is a limit to how much volume spiky lashes can give, but it's quite packed and dramatic, the do look very weird without contacts xD 
APPLICATION: 8/10 they are super easy to apply! they have a clear band, which is very flexible and easy to adjust. my only problem is that due to the band length they are bent more around the whole eye and the corners tend to pop for me xD (but I'm usually useless with gluing my inner corners xD), but it is in fact much easier to stick on than my eylure lashes~
PRICE: 9/10 £14 for 5 pairs, that's less than £3 for a pair, amazing! I believe the price for the eylure lashes is £4.95 and this is something muuuuch better imo xD yeah I know you can get much cheaper lashes on ebay... but looking like this?
 DURABILITY: 9/10 I only wore them 2 times so can't be sure yet, but they seem very similar to the eylure lashes, I just pull the glue off and it's perfect (I use DUO dark tone, had problems in the past with other glues not coming off properly and ruining the lashes), I think they should last me quite a while~ but the usual death of my spiky lashes is distortion of the shape after a couple of uses if glue get's accidently stuck onto the hair~

All in all, I'd super recommend them~ I am totally in love and I will try to get my hands on more japanese eyelashes as they are sooo worth the price (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ  Never going back to my old english lashes~

And finally, extra a small review on the lower lashes that I'm also wearing in all photo's above
They are
Eylure Naturalites UNDERLASH no.41
Elish always wears those and they look amazing~ so I decided to finally have a go at bottom lashes and bought 2 packs (since it was buy one get 2nd half price xD) 

They are super long so I cut them in half and used the inner 5 spikes only, to go for a more natural look~ might try the whole band one day if I need more drama xD 
And I do like them a lot~
They really add what I was always missing in my eye make~ 

COMFORT: 9/10 super comfy! can't feel them at all they stay on perfectly (used the glue provided, since I don't own clear glue), since I glue them very close to my lash line they touch my top lashes and it can be a bit annoying when they stick together xD  
STYLE: 9/10 It's a bit hard to judge since I don't have much experience in lower lashes, but I do like the look a lot, and they are well visible but still natural (if that makes any sense xD) 
VOLUME / LENGTH: 5/10 if you use the whole lash they are super long, probably a bit too long for my liking xD  but with it cut, it's perfect~ can't really be talking about volume here, they are well separated as lower lashes should be imo xD 
APPLICATION: 10/10 they were super easy to apply, got it right at the first try~ since the chunk was small I didn't have to bend it or anything, just grabbed it with the tweezers and stuck both ends nicely~
PRICE: 6/10 they are quite pricey, £4.95 a pair is kinda pushing it for me~ but that's UK eyelash prices...
 DURABILITY: 10/10 they do seem very durable! wore them twice and it's perfect, I'm hoping they will stay with me for a long time before I need to grab the second pair~

(note all those are based on wearing only a piece of the lash, if you use the whole band it can be very different)  

really wanna try their lashes no.40
they remind me a lot of some Dolly Wink lashes, look like they could be easily worn with the whole band and look very natural~ 
...couldn't find in my local Boots thought ><

Well~ hope you enjoyed this post xD and see you soon~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ