Monday, 28 May 2012

Some outfits and life in the sun~

Hey guys~ just a small post with last weeks OOTD's since I've been out almost every day, enjoying this amazing weather~ (and watching Game of Thrones in the mean time xD)

All the clothes are from H&M (come on arent they cheap and amazing) and shoes are from Shoe Zone
What have I been up to~? Tuesday I went with my bf to St.Albans; sat in the park and then went to an Italian restaurant~ the weather was aaamazing, burned myself a bit xD but been tanning brown since. 
On Thursday went back to my bf's for a Star Wars marathon with some friends! (ended up watching only 2 movies cause everyone was late and I had a bus to catch xD) 

dress from Primark, polka dot playsuit from Misguided (i think, got it from a friend)
shoes from New Look (same ones in brown and black) sooo comfy~
Friday I went shopping... again x__x must stop! got some make-up brushes, nail polish, bags, underwear~ /too much!/
Saturday I went to see my friend before he leaves for home (and stole his Kindle to take with me to Japan xD) and spent the rest of the day at my bf's tanning (im quite brown now~)

another dress from H&M, one of my favs atm! the cut is really flattering and perfect for the heat
Sunday I went to London for a small picnic with a few of my friends 

my derpy face~ (and yes I got another mustache necklace xD) 

look all this amazing food people brought! (i only went for the cupcakes... im so picky with my food xD) 

Pea brought her Fujifilm Instax mini and took photos for everyone! (these are mine)

and more~ so cute xD Stitch!

we are an eye!!  (im the right eyebrow actually xD) 

and... i went for a bit of shopping again today ;__; but I got a voucher for £5 of perfumes at boots last time and I rly need new ones~

Paco Rabanne Black XS! totally love this smell~ got a 50ml bottle so I can take it with me to Japan~ 

spotted this dress in H&M (yes them again xD) and had to get it~ cant wait for a night out xD
also, finally got a bikini in h&m but wont show u that im afraid~
also looks like today was the last day of sun... oh well, wouldnt expect more from UK

Now I'm going back to freaking out that i'm leaving the country in just a week and totally not ready x__x

Hope you enjoyed~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ 

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