Saturday, 5 May 2012

Alive and rumbling about nothing as always~

Hey people! Just a random, little post to let you know I'm still alive~ Currently in the middle of my final exams x__x Already did 2 and went pretty well, but the most difficult one ahead of me~ So defo nothing until I'm done (16th of this month). Tbh I have pretty much abandoned gyaru recently, been just too busy in life,  but once uni is done for the year I'll be back~ xD Got a few posts in mind to write once I'm free, there should be a shopping haul (I cannot stop ordering stuff online x__x) and something about my nailpolish collection (or fav/most interesting ones).  

Had a lot of ups and downs in my life over the last few month, exam stress and life in general have been killing me, but I'm feeling better now and just looking forward to get my freedom back xD Anyway I looked back at my new years resolutions. You know how you always make those and just never fulfill /any/ of it, well I have made progress I'm very proud of and I wanted to share ^__^  
Let's take a look back~ 

My new year resolutions:
- Go to Japan this year! 
- Exercise at least a bit and tone my legs 
- Finally apply for placements and get an interview / job 
- Properly get on with revision and studies and keep up my grades this year 
- Have lots of fun and finally enjoy life to the fullest 

1. I have my trip to Japan already planned, Nana has been over today and we got everything sorted, buying tickets next week~ I will be most likely going from 6th of June to 6th of July (might move around just slightly). It's finally feeling like a reality~ Also got a good amount of money saved for the amazing shopping I'm planning there!

2. I have started exercising last month and recently joined a gym! I've been trying to work out as much as my packed schedule allows me and I already feel there has been some improvement (and my bf claims so as well), so I'm really impressed with myself, never thought it would really happen o_o 

3. I GOT A PLACEMENT! I still can't believe this myself, but it's true! My friend got one recently and it motivated me to finally do something and start applying~ and the first time I applied I got a interview and a call back next day that I got the job! Simply unbelievable, really improved my self-confidence (cause I had none before). I will be working in NIBSC, doing some research on the pertussis vaccine. 
Now I have to finally learn how to drive cause it's in a middle of nowhere and really difficult to travel by bus. But I'm going to get paid! And have real money that I have earned myself! /still in shock/ 

4. I have been working extremely hard this term, and got great marks so far in all assignments, my January exams went sooo much better than I expected. And everything's going good so far (just as long as I don't fail this last exam cause it's a massacre). 

5. Surprisingly this is the only one that hasn't been doing particularly well~ I have been so busy with work I had little to no time to enjoy anything. Any free time I get I try to use to spend with my bf (though we usually just sit all day in the library revising or writing another report, how romantic~ =__=). However as soon as uni is over this will be fixed! I will party, I will go to Japan and Egypt and have the summer of my life! 

Impressive huh? well I am impressed (and congrats to you if you bothered to actually read this random chat with myself).

And some more interesting (or not really), random photos on my life, so I don't bore you to death~ xD 

have you missed my face? xD
well it's been plenty on instagram~
u can follow me at freyaamane 
as you can see I've been wearing very natural make-up; focus on winged eyeliner, sometimes some extra lip colour~ 

also been totally obsessed with dresses, no matter what the weather, dresses (or short sometimes) every single day~ 

and I keep buying more and more x__x
I have enough dresses to wear a different one every day for a month... and would still probably have some to spare xD I'm absolutely lacking in other garments, but no I must buy more dresses xD 

got a super cure mustache necklace on ebay xD

like a sir! 

had to get a photo for my provisional license
omg look how much I changed from my passport photo (at 15)
I struggle to believe it's even me xD 

kya! Panty and Stocking police <3 havent got any figures in aaages but those girls just make me happy xD 

and final news!
dum dum DUUUUUM

I'm changing my hair colour!! o__o
cant believe it? well I can't either xD
there has been so much going on this year I have decided to finally make a change in myself and this will start with a new colour. Been blonde for 4 years now, and as much as I absolutely love I really wanna try a change. Let's see how it goes~ must say I'm absolutely terrified xD Wish me luck x__x you'll probably see my completely new look in the next post~
And that's all I have for you today~

Hope you enjoyed!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ


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