Sunday, 18 March 2012

Long time no see~

Hello guys~ Have u missed my face? Tbh I was so busy I forgot this place existed... got an assignment every single week now, in fact had 7 pieces of work in a span of two weeks x__x kinda on a verge of a mental breakdown with all this work... and once I finish all the assignments its time to start exam revision o___o and in 2 month uni done, wtf! how did that even happen? the year only started like a few weeks ago xD
Anyway I had a post in drafts waiting to be finished, but since more stuff happened it seems irrelevant xD cut it down and joined up~ But despite being so late with posting there isn't too much, I've hardly been going to any events recently, sat in the uni library every single day (including weekends!), even a few nights >___<

So what have I been up to~
I got my hair cut~ almost 2 months ago xD I can finally see!
got rid of all the colour, back to full blonde~

some left over purple here, before I dyed it
my hair is super damaged again though... need to get some hair scissors and work on those split ends 

went for Chinese New Year with the London crew~ 
lot's of fun~ but it was freaking cold x___x 

Crayola fun! yes we're all dressed as Crayola's, fun night xD
it was for Angus' bday~ 

and another photo~ 

mah face~

and with my boyfriend Angus~ <3 

and the shoes I wore that night~ arent they amazing? 
got from New Look <3 

next a gap of nothing for a good month~
nothing but study, study and study~
It actually got warm for a few days, and flowers finally started blooming
I love spring <3 

And more recently~ (this thursday!)
Alice's bday! (the little one), my one day of relax, was back to work the very next day xD
And photo with all the girls that night~ 
(why the awkward pose! xD) 

and the lads~
the bromance was strong that night xD 

got really wasted yet again, had to sit for long periods of time cause my head was defeating me xD
but thanks god had no hangover the day after, since I had a test and report to finish (and did really well) 

crazy fun night

and with my boy again~ 
was so good to forget about the stress of uni for one night... cant wait for those 2 weeks to be up, once Easter break starts we are gonna take like a weekend break, have lots of fun and back to work xD

got a new iphone case! (I keep changing them all the time, so you havent seen the last 5)
Cath Kidston! totally love it~ floral is forever my thing

oh and a photo of my last case~ love lots of colours, the phone must be interesting!

On other notes, my parents booked our holiday in Egypt for end of July! 2 weeks~ really excited, though I can barely imagine being disconnected from the world for so long... thanks god for free wifi! xD finally will get my brown tan back!!! /jumps around/ 
Got to book Japan soon~ just need to get in contact with Nana about the details, and keep saving money~
Also placed a massive order in Republic today~ got tricked by an email with SALE on it xD but everything was £10, and I need something to fix up my depression~ Got 4 dresses and 2 skirts, really feel like being very girly atm, now just hope for spring to really get here ^__^ 

and that's it for now~ I better get back to work, cause this post was my distraction xD
Hope you enjoyed~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ


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  2. It all looks like fun :D, this is a really cute post! Your hair is really cute btw!
    And wow, Egypt? I've always wanted to go there, you must be so excited! x