Thursday, 16 February 2012

Post exam celebration! xD

Another post I was meant to do ages ago but didnt have time~ everything has been going so fast lately x__x So just a quick overview since a freaking month already went past any my memory aint good... 
Anyway, after exams finished (19th) I stayed in Hatfield, at my friends for 2 nights to make use of the remaining free week and celebrate! 
On thursday we stayed in, had some drinks with friends, watched TV... ended up with Chrissie and Steph puking everywhere and passing out, so no photos from that night xD well I was just sat on the couch all night a bit too drunk to connect whats happening around me xD

Friday is always Forum night! (forum is our uni club) and end of exams celebration = have to go~
First went to our friends house for predrinks and had lots of fun there~ only got to foum after midnight xD 

from left; Steph, me, Alice, Gemma and Chrissie
(click to enlarge~)

met lots of new people~
all of the housemates + their friends
and everyone is on a different course so it was real fun
we played drinking games, and me being a horrible light weight I was sooo gone within the first 30 minutes xD  bouncing off the walls and sniping on my chair~ ...but it was fun xD 

here comes lots and lots of photos~

me with my lovely coursemates and friends; Steph and Chrissie

and new friends! Engineering students! 
LOL on the night I remembered Ziv's (first left) name right away, but Lekh (sitting on the right) I couldn't remmeber at all xD I think I asked him about 5+ times on the way to forum xD /fail 
...there is always one name I cant remember at all xD  

with Alice and Ziv
as you can tell Im already very drunk xD

Alice and Gemma! 

this must have been an amazing photo
how dare u ruin it focus! 

new friends! 

with Achchu~ 

Gemma and Ziv 

nice smiles guys~ 

superb photo, prise me all! xD 

dont really remember much details, not sure if its the time of alcohol xD 
but we had lots of fun~
finally headed out to forum

since the house is on the other campus, we took a shuttle bus to forum
and here is the best bus driver Ron xD he was super cool and fun...

we got to forum, drank more, danced, had a laugh and once it closed at 3 am, we headed home
god was I drunk~ stumbled home is a better description xD probably wouldnt make it if Chrissie wasnt with me xD once I got home my first priority was to take my lenses out and remove make up (yes i remember it always regardless how drunk i am!), next put my head on the pillow... and pass out xD seriously! normally when I drink I dont feel well, shiver all night and cant really sleep, but this time i was gone! woke up in the exact same position as I fell asleep xD but the hangover wasnt too bad~ (yay!) 

And some more photos from my phone~
(dont think I mentioned before but I finally got Iphone 4S! /yay/ love it so much~) 

with Steph

with Chrissie

with Alice~

with Achchu~

with Gemma

and Lekh!

haha /camwhore forever/ 

and thats it! more party/event posts upcoming xD
Hope you enjoyed~! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

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