Sunday, 3 June 2012

Last post before a looong journey~

Hey! Last post before I leave to Japan! Going already this Wednesday x__X Must say I am totally freaking out, it's an entire month after all, been trying to pack for the last few days but it's difficult and the weather is all weird now xD 

Just 2 outfit posts this time, as the weather has gone bad again, and rain rain~ I've also been staying in trying to get organized. 

On Wednesday I stayed at my boyfriends, watched some movies (finally seen Pulp Fiction)
aaaand~ dyed my hair!!! 
yep it's pretty darn orange xD 

freshly dyed
the dye really dried out my hair, it felt horrible afterwards x_x had to put Aussie 3 minute miracle on and wrap in foil for like 3 hours to get it back to soft and shiny~ 

the pictures dont do it justice, it's like neon pure orange xD
I have totally mixed feelings about; once I love it and then I hate it. It's a bit too brave for me, plus the colour is quite flat - just orange. In a month might lay it over with a red-pink to add some dimension~ Will see how it washes out, cause I know it will run like crazy

On Thursday I stayed at Nana's to discuss our trip and make some plans~ And late at night we suddenly decided to go see Snow White and the Huntsman xD I liked it, but it was a bit of a let down~ Steward was horrible; no expression, weird breathing, and annoying never closing mouth with disgusting front teeth =__= The rest of the actors did a really good job, but the director kinda overdid it. You could see that there was a lot of impact on the visual side and effects, but a lot of the times it was just too much, quickly turning from epic to tacky and cringe worthy. It did drag on for a bit too long, and the ending wasn't exactly satisfying. Don't regret going, but wouldn't see it again~

Met up with my best friend Alex briefly on Saturday, finally got my yen exchanged (all those thousands make u feel real rich xD) and went home to start packing (and panicking)

Gonna see my boy for the last time tomorrow, Nana is coming on Tuesday, and we are flying out on Wednesday morning x__x Once I'm settled in Japan I will try to make some posts (that is if the internet works okay), so see you then~

Hope you enjoyed~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ 



    And have fun!

  2. Have fun in Japan n___n take care and stay safe bb! <3