Monday, 28 May 2012

Some outfits and life in the sun~

Hey guys~ just a small post with last weeks OOTD's since I've been out almost every day, enjoying this amazing weather~ (and watching Game of Thrones in the mean time xD)

All the clothes are from H&M (come on arent they cheap and amazing) and shoes are from Shoe Zone
What have I been up to~? Tuesday I went with my bf to St.Albans; sat in the park and then went to an Italian restaurant~ the weather was aaamazing, burned myself a bit xD but been tanning brown since. 
On Thursday went back to my bf's for a Star Wars marathon with some friends! (ended up watching only 2 movies cause everyone was late and I had a bus to catch xD) 

dress from Primark, polka dot playsuit from Misguided (i think, got it from a friend)
shoes from New Look (same ones in brown and black) sooo comfy~
Friday I went shopping... again x__x must stop! got some make-up brushes, nail polish, bags, underwear~ /too much!/
Saturday I went to see my friend before he leaves for home (and stole his Kindle to take with me to Japan xD) and spent the rest of the day at my bf's tanning (im quite brown now~)

another dress from H&M, one of my favs atm! the cut is really flattering and perfect for the heat
Sunday I went to London for a small picnic with a few of my friends 

my derpy face~ (and yes I got another mustache necklace xD) 

look all this amazing food people brought! (i only went for the cupcakes... im so picky with my food xD) 

Pea brought her Fujifilm Instax mini and took photos for everyone! (these are mine)

and more~ so cute xD Stitch!

we are an eye!!  (im the right eyebrow actually xD) 

and... i went for a bit of shopping again today ;__; but I got a voucher for £5 of perfumes at boots last time and I rly need new ones~

Paco Rabanne Black XS! totally love this smell~ got a 50ml bottle so I can take it with me to Japan~ 

spotted this dress in H&M (yes them again xD) and had to get it~ cant wait for a night out xD
also, finally got a bikini in h&m but wont show u that im afraid~
also looks like today was the last day of sun... oh well, wouldnt expect more from UK

Now I'm going back to freaking out that i'm leaving the country in just a week and totally not ready x__x

Hope you enjoyed~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ 

Monday, 21 May 2012

Massive SALE! part 2 - jewellery and others


not much descriptions required here, most are either one size or medium
from Boots I think

New Look, bit of plaster on the inside to make it smaller



Primark (?)

Primark (?)


Topshop (?)

New Look (sorry about the dust)

some random market stall i think


New Look (?)


New Look

this post is a bit too long so CLICK READ MORE for the rest 

Massive SALE!! part 1 - clothes, shoes and make-p

Hey guys!
as you know I'm going to Japan very soon, and well I just have too much stuff that i don't ever touch and maybe could make some quids on so here it is~
comment if you are interested, for more photos, questions and shipping prices~ 

NEXT skirt
worn a few times ages ago, in great condition
zip at the back

Jane Norman, corset style top
UK 10
real lace, tied at the front 

Primark shirt
UK 10
very casual, worn maybe twice, not my style

Republic shirt (SoulCal)
size 10 
worn only once

New Look leopard print sweater
UK 12
despite being a 12 it's still very short, doesnt suit my style
never worn

New Look, leopard print fur coat
UK 12
very thick and warm, worn many times, but got bored of it and won't wear again
leopard print is in every winter!
still perfect condition
the closing at the front consists of 4 hooks

River Island long blazer
UK 10
got it on sale but doesnt suit my body shape (goes past the hips)
very nice, perfect condition

Republic  polka dot dress
UK 10
It's too tight for me around the arms and bust (so recommend for petit girls), got a size 12 which fits perfectly
never worn

Jane Normal floral wedges
UK 6
absolutely gorgeous! 
they are a bit loose for me making it very hard to walk, note that the wedge is quite heavy
worn once

unfortunately the one time I wore them was to London, and i got something on the sole, and just wont come off >__< but soles get filthy once u wear them anyway...
(they were freaking expensive when i got them ><) 

Rebel Heart (no clue that's what it says xD) wedge boots,
UK 6 
absolutely stunning, but can't wear with my wide feet >3< 
worn twice

Faith wooden wedges
UK 6
I got them used, but again too tight for my massive feet so have to let go~ 
the wood is slightly scratched, but great condition

Primark nude pumps 
UK 6
so pretty and comfy (pillowed sole)
too narrow on the front for my feet,
great condition, worn twice

GOSH brow kit 001
only tried the light colour and wax, never touched again (no clue why I even got it I like what I use for my brows atm xD) 

GOSH Multicolour blush 50 Pink Pie
the colour just doesnt suit me, and too much shimmer

Maybelline Dream touch blush 02
much raved about blushes~ but cream is just not my thing, swatched once 

Maybelline Dream touch blush 06
same as last, plus the colour just doesnt suit me at all

NYX concealer in a Jar, CJ02 Fair
tried maybe twice, but too light for me

Rimmel volume booster lipstick, 112 Honey Honey
colour and texture not my thing, tried once and put away since~

Rimmer lasting finish lipstick 

006 Pink Blush
the perfect pink colour... rly doesnt suit my warm tones xD however worn a few times
thats the one in the picture on the left, the protective stickers superdrug puts on everything didnt wanna come off and ruined the packaging a bit. 

003 Indulgence
a very brave, bright pink
worn once

 That's it for this one (damn this is difficult! more coming up soon!) 

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Freedom and shopping!

Hey guys! have u missed my face? xD

I am officially done with exams and uni for this year! Everything went really well (or so I hope) and now just to wait for results~ and I can finally have some time for myself! I haven't had a normal weekend just to rest in ages, I'm actully finding it difficult not to be getting up super early morning and going to work on assignments or revise x__X

anyway, today is mostly hauls xD 

quite recently I ordered some stuff from H&M, didnt take much proper photos of everything, but here is some~ 
H&M has lots of awesome jeans for only £8 so I got 4 pairs xD (i dont wear jeans often but with the UK weather I often dont have a choice and for this price~). This is infact my 2nd pair of those black jeans (left) but the 1st ones faded to an ugly grey ><
absolutely love the peace tank top~

left: shorts from H&M, top from NEXT and old cardi~
absolutely love those shorts, they are slightly high wasted and a kinda thick material, super comfy
right: dress from misguided
yes it's overly short and tight, but that was the only size left on sale xD
wore it on Wednesday night for our end of exams celebration (was a blast btw)      

and my nail polish obsession continues~ 
how cute are those colours! 

and now jumping to my my town trip yesterday~
I committed a sin, and...
I CUT MY HAIR!! o___o  

drastic or what?
my hair was an absolutely mess (a lovely long mess, but a mess), desperately needing a proper trim. Also due to the length and weight of my hair it was impossible to style and really flat at the top.
So I went and asked for layers, and to trim off all the dead ends (as much as necessary)  
it looks shorter in this photo, cause it's curled in and i think some of my layers dropped to the back

here it is~ 
will see how it looks when I wash it and style xD hoping for nice bouncy waves~

After the hairdresser I went to town - shopping
wasn't planning on spending much, was only supposed to get a new pair of boots, cause I made holes in every single pair I own, and some new tights~ 

First Shoe Zone! 
I had a pair of boots exactly like this for over a year now, but I killed the soles and the zippers broke, so grabbed this pair right away~ 

same style, but with a nice small heel and buckles~ more girly and stylish <3 

and just some flat, plain, ankle boots, since I ruined my previous pair xD 

was about to leave as I got what I wanted, but spotted those wedges~
super cute! suede material, felt quite comfy

next Topshop~
I was totally eyeing this sweater since winter! but it was too expensive so I never got it, and then it was out of stock, but spotted it yesterday in the "last chance to get" stuff, and took that as a sign to get it xD 
it's very thick and has colourful threads through~ 

finally found a pair of sunglasses that suit my face shape!
and grabbed this set of colourful heart studs~ 

very cute wing necklace, the chain is much shorter than i expected though~ 

and me in New Look~ (didnt like those shorts) 

found this in NewLook sale~ it's a large but work wear as oversized, off the shoulder fit ^_^ 

and finally those gorgeous wedge sandals!
they are soooo comfy it's unbelievable~ 

and H&M again!  
rly liked those so grabbed two~ they are quite long and the material feels great

and a flowy, summer dress, looks very flattering on, since the waist is cinched in~ 

and finally Primark 
the tights I took the trip for~ (also got some normal black ones)

grabbed this top on my way out, it was only £4! xD 

and some random headbands~ 

and that's it! ...yeah much, much more than I was supposed to xD oh well~
the weather is supposed to get nice from next week so a chance to wear all my clothes finally!

And that's it for today! Will update you again once i change my hair colour o_o and some other posts coming up soon hopefully~ 

Hope you enjoyed! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ