Saturday, 28 January 2012

Gyaru Improvement Meme~

Shit january is slipping away quickly and I still havent finished my new years post i planned LOL for my excuse i had barely been on the computer during exam time, then i had lots of partying and some personal issues and just never found the time >< 

What I wanted to post first is the Gyaru Improvement Meme which went around aaages go (in fact I did most of it then and just added the more recent ones~). Year 2010 and 2011! enjoy~

my first actual try at gyaru was June 2011 and it was a horrible fail as u can see ~ gyaru inspired make up + circle lenses some time before since i was interested in gyaru already in 2009 

and this year~ lots of hair curling and then sudden stop in summer when I reached maximal damage >< must say my hair has really started growing since I stopped using heat on a regular basis! 
also imo the best choice was cutting my fringe and finally getting lower lashes (and japanese lashes!) 
nothing else i can say on this really~ kinda fun to see how much I changed over those two years

Also not gonna make a post for NYE, dont have much photos and it's just been sooo long ago xD Just went to central London with a group of friends~ got quite drunk, had lots of fun, saw fireworks~ was great~
though it took us almost 2 hours to get home (was staying at a friend's house), everything was closed and soooo many people x__x 

My new year resolutions:
- Go to Japan this year! (and save for it)
- Exercise at least a bit and tone my legs (seriously this will never happen xD)
- Finally apply for placements and get an interview / job 
- Properly get on with revision and studies and keep up my grades this year (lol think I already failed~)
- Have lots of fun and finally enjoy life to the fullest (been doing pretty well so far... too well xD)

Also im done with exams~ /happy times!/ and I think I passed all (not sure what grades though xD), results in 2 or 3 weeks~ next post on post exam parties xD
Thats it for today! Look forward to the next post~ 

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  1. W marcu 2011 roku miałaś super włosy:)
    I dobrze Ci bez soczewek^^