Sunday, 15 July 2012

Back from Japan and flying off again~

Hey guys! sorry for the wait x__x I've been back from Japan for a week now and heading out to Egypt tomorrow morning, so just a tiny post~ Should have posted earlier but was super busy (read: spent every day at my boyfriends lazying around)  

Both my flight to Japan and back was filled with "adventure" that I would have rather avoided...
On our way to Japan the flight to Amsterdam (first stop) was delayed thanks to which we missed our flight to Japan. Had to wait 5 hours, go to Paris and from there fly to Japan delaying our trip by good 10 hours

On the way back more trouble awaited. Checked my flight before leaving the house in the morning to realize that my flight was changed from 11am to 18pm with a 10 hour wait in Paris o__o managed to rearrange that to a flight at 10am to Amsterdam, getting me home an hour early (not without loads of problems with getting my ticket in the japanese airport). But apart for loads of stress, sweat and worry I got home safe~ 
Kinda wonder if I'm rly unlucky or the airlines I was traveling with have issues... 

Japan was pretty amazing~ rented an apartment for a month in Otsuka, Tokyo (very close to Ikebukuro)
Tokyo was crazy, loud, busy, full of shops and people
all I imagined and more 
spent loads and loads of money xD had a real hard time packing to go back...
my fav shops were Kiddy Land (yes toys, plushies, stickers, and all cute goods), Don Quichot (loads of weird and tacky stuff, but also cheap goods and make up), Paris Kids (everything 300 yen, accessories store in Harajuku) and ofc 100 yen shop xD will miss them~ 

in the 3rd week of our stay, went to Kyoto/Osaka for 6 days
must say as much as I loved the busy and colourful Tokyo, Kyoto stole my heart with its tradition, old buildings, narrow streets and little souvenir shops (in which I spent too much) 
woke up super early every day and got home late~ every day full of walking through shrines and temples~ 
extremely hot and sore feet but it was awesome xD 
Osaka on the other hand was again load and colourful, rly fun~ 

we took quite a few purikura's xD I managed to loose two sets somewhere =_=

Met up with Alanna (@vivarilakkumatime), who I havent seen in ages~ 

and met a second time~ went to some nice pub and had a few cocktails (enough to make us well tipsy) 
some drunkenness purikura above 

and here I am, back in UK! my hair has faded majorly to a strawberry blonde now, once I'm back from Egypt dying it back to blonde~ 

sorry for the rushed post, may post more once Im back, time for sleep before we travel~ 
Hope you enjoyed~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ